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  • high_notes

    As trends go, this one IS strangely interesting, so it calls for some wild speculation.

    1 — Personally, I find eyes on a handbag to be slightly-to-moderately creepy, depending on other details of the design. And, as we’ve already seen, here on tPB and elsewhere, the goth-inspired dark and creepy theme is up this season. Speaking of goth, which looks creepier on a bag–skulls or eyes? I vote eyes! After all, putting skulls on everything from t-shirts to jewelry has been so overdone as to be almost kitsch.

    2 — Not to wax overly sociological here, but… with people’s concerns lately about being watched and spied on by entities ranging from internet data aggregators to phone companies to the government, what could be creepier than an impersonal and disembodied eye. In other words, eyes as a design motif could be intentionally or unintentionally tapping the current Zeitgeist–concerns over erosion of privacy. Of course, all of this leaves unanswered the question of, why on a handbag? Taking another stab in the dark here, a handbag is an accessory that, while not part of the carrier, is sort of always there, on the periphery. Eyes on a handbag seem to be saying, “I’m here, maybe somewhat out of sight, but always watching…” Creepy!

    Personally, I kind of like the Eye of Horus bag. =)