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  • circafashion

    I have been wearing my Lancel ELSA Bucket bag since 2006. Still looks great and now it back on trend. LOL.

    • Becky Gonzalez

      Hi Circafashion do you remember how much it was back then? I have a black and a red one but i cant think for the life of me what I paid for them lol x

      • circafashion

        Okay i went through my old emails,i actually purchased the bag in 2007 i paid $245 because they were doing a 30% off promo. The bag was $350. I purchased it over the phone from the Lancel Beverly Hills store, that is no longer open. Bummer

      • Becky Gonzalez

        Ahh thank you. I only asked as i have one in black with a matching purse/wallet and i couldn’t remember how old it was or what it cost me as it’s quite a few years old now and my memory is terrible. I want to sell mine but didn’t know what to ask for it. Thank you x

  • Guest

    The bucket bag is a shape that I have loved since college (many years ago.) I continue to carry it because it is beautiful and incredibly practical. I recently purchased the Vuitton bag pictured here, but I still have the Coach bucket bag that I was given as a high school graduation present. It’s old, to be sure, but it still looks beautiful.

  • Sandy

    I think the bucket bag is very similar in esthetic with the back pack. Cool for the young edgy crowd but there is nothing sophisticated about it. At a certain age you just look silly…like Madonna and her gloves.

  • Guest

    I think the Gucci is my favorite. Love that color.

  • dnfl

    the saint laurent looks terrible… lol

    • constance762

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      • shueaddict

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  • WhosThatBag

    The bucket bag is a style that will always be appropriate because it’s so effortless. Perfect for casual days when you just want to lug your kitchen sink around town.

  • klynneann

    Wow, you guys found every bucket bag out there lol! I love the color of the Gucci and the Loewe is gorgeous, but the one from Anya Hindmarch – wow!!

  • fashdash

    Wonder why Mansur Gavriel bucket bag was not included? quite popular, but it is very hard to get your hands on one:/

  • Rosa Lily

    The Gucci one is divine. The MCM is just horrid.

  • FashionableLena

    It’s nice to see a variety of price ranges.
    The color on the Louis Vuitton is pretty, and I really like the one from L.A.M.B. But, I just can’t wear a bucket bag. I like them but don’t find them functional. I feel like my stuff is in, well, a bag.
    I agree with dnfl. That Saint Laurent looks like something you buy from a mall kiosk.

  • Ah my heart still belongs to Mansur Gavriel and I’m not giving up! All of these bags are kinda nice but still ..

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  • babette

    I have a wonderful vintage bucket bag that I will drag out for the Summer. Good to know I can pull out the old bags every couple of years :)

  • Dot

    major love for Anya Hindmarch and LV bucket bag !!