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  • Chrissy@greenbranchbags

    I can do crazy! I like the ease of anything goes.

  • I’ll never get over that Dolce & Gabanna bag. A work of art, i say !

  • Guest

    Hmmmm, I don’t like any of them.

    • Guest

      I second that!

      • twoturntables

        I third that! Well, the versus is kinda fun.

      • Celeste Bee@bagbrag

        Something’s not right this fall. The bags above lack an iconic design or any design aesthetics that make them desirable.

    • Toy Bag

      Agree! Not feeling them at all

  • Amanda

    The grey Prada: come to me!!!


      Yes, I think that’s the only one I like.

  • Jane

    I like the grey Prada bag. The Marc Jacobs Columbus Patchwork Satchel would have been amazing if he designed it more like a crazy quilt with different embroidery stitches instead of the basic straight stitch. It would have brought history and a more unique bag. Right now it looks like patchwork pants from the seventies.

  • The 3.1 Phillip Lim fur crossbody amuses me. It’s cute and playful and I’d love to wear it for the upcoming summer season (brightly coloured fur for summer should be the next big unusual trend). Similarly, the Fendi fur monster makes me smile. I guess I’m just too much into anime and wacky offbeat styling.

  • Sarah

    It’s kind of nice to go through a whole list and not see even one that I want. Makes me feel thrifty. ;)

  • Eleanor

    I can’t believe I like the Marc Jacobs snakeskin satchel. Snakeskin has grown on me (I used to find it trashy, but the more refined interpretations of it of late have drawn me to its potential versatility – the pattern adds texture so that I can make an outfit more interesting, with its muted tones complimenting a variety of colors), but that is about the only potential thing I would imagine I could like. The bag is a combination of features I dislike (orange and black) and love (the shape, that style of closure, the artistic cross-thatching – is that the right term for that pattern? – of the black-and white, mixture of pattern). Though the first impression is ghastly, I can imagine myself carrying it. Funny how things appeal to us without our conscious understanding of that appeal.

    The Valentino is horrible. I hate to use the word “redneck” because of its classist connotation and because it is used as shorthand for denigrating comments about people who are already marginalized from society, but camouflage on anything other than functional garments (clothing worn while hunting, clothing worn by soldiers) just always looks trashy.

    Thinking about how to maintain the multi-coloured fur bag gives me nightmares. I can imagine the dirt, the grime, the oils from my hands, lotion transfer from my arms, the difficulty of preventing the colour from bleeding…aesthetics notwithstanding, the bag would be a nightmare to own. You’d never be able to use it.

    I NEED the Prada ones. It reminds me of the wallpaper patterns on the walls of great-aunts and distant cousins, living in quaint houses in rural areas. My mother and I would visit them, with me playing in the vegetable gardens (as a city child, I couldn’t imagine growing enough food to live on), perusing old books that smelled of years before my birth, and sneaking into old photo albums, looking at how solemn everyone was, how lonely the world seemed for them, how hard things were. I know that romanticizing prairie life involves a deceptive dismissal of what we’ve done to the native population (notions of emptiness involve discounting the experiences of those who were in a land that was NOT empty), but the pattern reminds me of visiting people who taught me about a world I couldn’t imagine. I remember sitting at old wooden tables eating bread aunties had baked themselves. I remember eating stacks of sugary pancakes and telling them about school and how I wanted to be a lawyer (now I’m starting law at a pretty good school – not the University of Toronto, but another of the top few, not to brag but I worked REALLY hard for it – here in Canada, where I’m from) so that bag is symbolic for what I’ve come from!) . When they told me about how great that was I saw the opportunities I had that a generation before me couldn’t even imagine for themselves. That bag just….sorry for my digression, but that bag does everything for me. It brings back so much of my childhood, it reminds me of the joyous hope I had, it makes me feel proud of what I’ve come from and where I’m going. I wish I could afford it. :(

    (And that’s why whenever people dismiss interest in fashion as trivial I feel like jumping down their throats. It is an art. It presents a vision, it incorporates technical skill with an artistic objective, it requires thoughtful planning and consideration of how different materials will work together, it involves a rigorous examination of what the design should accomplish, and in catering to consumers it reflects our society’s spirit, our concerns, the zeitgeist.)

    I wasn’t even going to bother dignifying the stupid paper-clip bag with a comment but I have to say that the outcome of carrying it anywhere would be a disaster. It would get caught on bracelets and lanyards, creating a nightmare situation of me standing at my apartment door (though, if I afford to buy that bag, it would be the elegant door of a chic little house) caught in a net of headphone wires, keychains, and jewelry (because such is life that a necklace would someone manage to wring itself around something carried in my hands) and cursing while untangling my keys. That damnable thing would get caught on everything, and you would tug it in desperation, ripping off whatever the stupid paperclips are attached to. Within a week of regular use you would have a disheveled pile of leather.

    The polka-dot snakeskin is a trend? God help us.

    • Eleanor

      I did not realize I wrote that much. Apologies!

      • Your comment was quite the elegant, insightful and entertaining one. I see no need to apologize for such well written thoughts. :)

      • Eleanor

        Aw, thanks. I am really interested in fashion not in terms of just buying it (for a law student I’m comfortable, but definitely NOT In a position to buy Hermes) but in terms of what it means to the people who appreciate it. I have to defend it a lot – there’s still an unfortunate association between fashion and frivolity that means people shut you down when you say that clothing is serious business, and there are also people who say “starving in Africa!” when you mention Hermes but have no problem with those who spend millions on Damien Hurst (ugh) pieces – so I’ve learned to be elegant about it!

  • andré

    the only bags that I really loved was the ones by MZ and versus (that is sick <3)

  • Chris

    The Prada is nice and yes, I really like the Loeffler Randall – in fact, that one makes me smile. The others are too crazy.

  • Karin bag4bag

    Well after looking at every bag, and admitting that I am never going to like colored fur bags, the Burberry Prorsum The Big Crush tote and the Versus Black Leather Safety Pin Shoulder bag are the winners for me ! I wonder if other bags have used safety pins in a decorative way before (probably have but I can’t recall). I’d actually like more pins on a bag though I acknowledge anothers comment about the practicality of them being caught on things. I think an evening clutch covered in safety pins would be good. Has anyone ever seen one ?

  • Iréne Shûkriya-Dutta Scharief

    No to all of them!

  • Guest

    My daughter said the MZ Wallace looks like Verizon Coverage map and now I cannot look at it without seeing that!

    Then she told me she thought the Fendi Fur Monster looked like a baboon’s bottom. I don’t think I will be looking at these with her around any longer. She ruins things for me!