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  • Doodles78

    ¨If you’re a 22-year-old going to Coachella, they’re a great idea, but that’s not regular life for most of the bag-shopping public.¨ Preach.

  • Smithy

    I think the key to a belt bag not being a fanny pack — is the shape. The MCM pictured above is a perfect example of being too fanny pack-esque.

    I actually just received the Elizabeth & James Cynnie belt bag in suede. Same as what’s pictured above shape-wise but in a gorgeous whiskey suede. I thought it was adorable and knew I would eventually find use for it but I returned it. Trying to be smarter with money.

    Regardless, I think some of them are so cute and chic.

    • I like the Elizabeth & James the best of the group, actually; I think it’s more likely to blend into an outfit in a chic way than most of the others.

  • FashionableLena

    These can work if they lie flat like the MK, Gucci, and Clare V. They don’t add much bulk. That MCM is the reason why the fanny pack is a no.

  • Amazona

    I think out of all these, the Moschino one makes the most sense – fanny packs are ugly, no matter how you look at them, so you might as well have fun with it. OTT is the best way when there’s no way you’re ever going to look stylish anyway.

  • Jerri R

    If someone gifted me that MCM fanny pack, I would take it off and whack the person with it.

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  • Sparkletastic

    no, no, No, NO!! These bags should have died out in the 70’s or whenever they were around. They look horrible and what woman wants weight around her waist?!