LeSportsac Soft Train Case, $144 via Zappos

So here’s the deal, cats and kittens. As you guys know, Megs and I are based in New York City, but we both come from places that have had severe hurricanes in the past. With the warnings about Irene at the end of last week, we figured that discretion is indeed the greater part of valor and we got the heck out of the city. As a result, we’re sitting in a hotel room in the Lehigh Valley right now, as we have been for a few days. That makes doing any meaningful amount of work tricky, so until we get back tomorrow night, things might be a little slower than normal around here. We appreciate the patience.

New York seems to have dodged the worst of the storm through nothing but sheer luck, but our little Pennsylvania adventure still brings up an interesting question: What do you bring when you’ve got a short-notice, high-pressure weather situation bearing down on you? In my case, I brought the LeSportsac Soft Train Case. Except I didn’t take a train, I took a bus. Tangentially related: I really don’t recommend ever going to the Port Authority Bus Terminal in New York if you can avoid it.

Considering that, my LeSportsac bag served me quite well. I bought this exact model in a different pattern before I moved to New York in May, and it has served me well indeed. It’s the perfect bag for a long weekend; the three large main compartments keep you much more organized than a traditional duffel or weekender bag. You have one for your regular clothes, one for pajamas, underwear and toiletries and the last for your laptop, Kindle, and all the various modes of entertainment with which you might travel and their attendant cords and chargers.

The bag also has large exterior pockets on both the front and back, one of which has a zippered opening in the bottom to allow it to be slipped over the extended handle of a rolling suitcase, a trick which I’ve used several times and which works very well. As if that weren’t enough, it also comes with a little pouch that contains a collapsable nylon tote bag, just in case you need it. The construction of the bag is quite sturdy and LeSportsac’s famous patterns keep the company’s bags from showing wear, even after a trip through the world’s bleakest bus terminal. Buy through Zappos for $144.

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  • rose60610

    Glad you are well and survived the storm with the stylish Le Sportsac. Nothing beats a good organizer. There are times when it’s wise not to carry a splashy expensive designer bag that turns you into a target in a bleak venue.

    I love the feather pattern! Le Sportsac is wonderful.

  • Kat

    The title’s a little inappropriate for me… But other than that, the bay’s lovely. I usually think that Le Sportsac patterns are too cartoon-ish, this particular one is gorgeous.


  • Pe.Riche.

    Having never been even remotely close to a hurricane, I was terrified this past Tuesday when I had to evacuate from the Bahamas. It really was a trying time. Thankfully my family and I made it safely to Florida where Irene simply bypassed.

    And yes, the LeSportsac bag (instead of the three that I carried. Even in an emergency, I still pack like I am vacationing) would have been a tremendous relief!

  • monpetitsecret

    Isn’t Port Authority Bus Terminal a nightmare? Tried it once from montreal to nyc. I agree with above comment, LeSportsac look really cartoon-ish but this one is pretty.

  • Shannon

    I’ve taken the bus from NYC to 6 Flags in NJ, its not so bad early in the morning/late at night.

    That LSS is really pretty, love the pattern. Anyway, my hurricane evacuation bag was my Betseyville weekender bag. Luckily I didn’t have to evacuate (I’m in a Zone C), but I have friends who had to leave because they were in a Zone A just a few blocks away, so I felt better being prepared to go if needed.

  • HandbagReport

    My comment somehow ended up under the RHONJ post. :-) Glad y’all are safe and love your LeSportsac bag!

  • suz

    Le Sportsac….perfect for an evacuation…or anything else…..lightweight, classic and washable…..

  • bags leather

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  • Bethany

    Any one have any idea what the pattern is called. I’m LOVING the peacock feathers and can’t find the design :/

  • Simon

    Lesportsac Masquerade