Valentino Rosette Tote

Earlier today I told you the crazy patterns and designs are a huge hit for spring. Some are really stunning, some are quirky but cool, and some are downright fugly! The overwhelming opinion on the Jimmy Choo Face Canvas Bag is that it is a huge miss and totally creepy. That makes me certain many of you will hate the Valentino Rosette Tote also, with its plastered fuchsia rosettes. I am all for playing with some leather to make it bunch to look like a rose, in ONE place on the bag. But this fug bag is all about the roses, and it makes me think the bees will live in your bag and build hives. Not only will you need to keep the cute hummingbirds away, but go grab some hive killer! This bag is killer. The black patent leather trim and gold-tone hardware only make it look older and more Driving Miss Daisy mixed with Red Hat Society. It is just hideous from every angle and for each aspect. So far my take on many of the crazy themed/faced/designed/printed bags for the next season are totally drab. I am waiting for one to catch my attention. Pre-order through Saks for $1,950.

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  • Judi

    >>>Driving Miss Daisy mixed with Red Hat Society

    Perfectly put. Kinda looks like Valentino channeling Target. I mean if it were 13.95 at Target it might be kind of fun, but otherwise … :shock:

  • jennifer

    I agree with you both.
    One question though, are those roses three dimensional? I guarantee you that people would be reaching out to touch your bag to see if they were. Weird.

  • mette

    Well,it´s differant.Is it all leather,the roses I mean? I don´t like the logo set so centered, Interesting,but so was the bag just beside this one in the NM online site.

  • Caitlin

    Those evening clutches that look like a cluster of roses are cute. This is too much. A bag that size is too big of a canvas to cover with 3-D looking roses.

  • hns4ever

    Drab, drab, drab. I am really not fond of the “crazy themed/faced/designed/printed bags for the next season” as Meg put it. Give me something else to drool on please!

  • passionforflashin

    one word: fugly.

  • G-Girl

    I love this Valentino bag. they have it with red leather – my friend has it and it is gorgeous and so much fun.
    I do agree that the Jimmy Choo face bag is dull and looks cheap.

  • Christine

    I disagree. I think this bag is gorgeous and I’m dying inside because I can’t buy it anymore :( Having this bag would be a dream come true….

  • V

    I’m dizzy… ;_;

  • lisa

    I respect the opinions of all of you, yet beg to differ…. If I could afford this bag I would have run out to buy it as soon as it came out. Any wealthy women out there want to sell me their valentino rose tote, I would gladly take you up on it! It is so beautiful and fun. I just LOVE this sweet and spunky bag. God bless the designer!P.s. this is a very “gossip girl” kinda look, I love it!!!) Lisa

  • Cecile

    This bag is so beautiful. I’ve got it in a different color and it’s absolutely not cheap looking (no target!!!). T
    he roses are in silk and 3d. Really gorgeous and couture.

  • Leah

    sorry, but I too absolutely love this bag. I actually enjoy the 50s nostalgia look of it. Valentino may be my fav bag designer. so feminine & whimsical…just perfect. plus you don’t see yourself coming & going when you carry Valentino.

  • Kathey

    It looks very 1940-1950s feel to it. I like the way you can incorporate the environment into the bag design and overall shape. It reminds of a Parisian evening in the park going for a walk with your beau.
    I like the way the roses look like 3-D as if you can touch them out of the bag. Maybe a little less roses as it may hurt the human eye.

    Have a good Day! :D

  • stella

    this bag is amazing! i have it in this color and in a multi color and it is the most complmented bag i own. If you think this bag looks like target then you clearly dont know fashion. Its a beautiful piece.