Longchamp Large Tote
Longchamp Large Tote

There has been speculation that the handbag bubble will burst; meaning the pricey bags will finally hit the top and the handbag world we live in will crumble apart. While I do believe people have their limits, I think true handbag lovers will continue to buy bags. But for those that only want a handbag to tote around, that really do not care for it to be all leather, the Longchamp Large Tote is an ideal signature tote from this French brand. Their signature tote sports lightweight nylon with a leather snap flap and shoulder straps. This bag truly is the ideal everyday bag, good for rain or snow, sun or shine. Even better is the fact that you can roll this bag up for storage, it will literally take about 6 cubic inches of storage space. For me, this handbag would work perfectly to take to the gym or beach. Dimensions are 19″W x 12½”H x 7″D. Available in beige, chocolate, and deep-red; buy through Saks for $135.

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  • Dominique

    A nice basic!

  • mette

    Megs: I´m happy to say that I don´t think this bag is `queer´at all. I have had a few of these along the years, but with not so long handles. I think they are very useful. I usually have one along in my leather bag ready to take out and slip over my precious bag if the weather gets bad. Great for carrying your shoppings too.

  • Angelblake

    There are new colours every season! I love the whole Longchamp Le Pliage-line :D

  • lily j.

    Perfect to take to a sporting event. That way, if the person behind you spills their drink – no big deal. Well, maybe still a little annoying, but not so bad.

  • tomato4

    eh. ive never been a big fan of the longchamp totes. i dont see anything special about them. just plain and overpriced for nylon. if i wanted a nylon tote, id get a lesportsac.

  • Monica, Paris area

    I already commented on the nylon Tod’s bag a few days ago about how popular these Longchamp bags are in France, especially used by high school girls as a book bag. Besides Saks you can get them online at the Longchamp online store below.

    Also, I agree with Megs that true handbag lovers will be buying/splurging for years to come. I never wear out my bags because I’ve been collecting for about 15 years and am obliged to match my bag to my outfit. I love all price ranges. Thanks for a great website!

  • Conchita

    i love longchamp. it’s my weekend bag while doing groceries or going to the salon. the extra large ones i also pack when i travel in case carry on isn’t enough.

    didn’t they come out with a line in tartan prints???

  • Daisy

    Everywhere you go in Paris, you see les parisiennes with this bag.They use them as everyday handbags and not just for shopping or the beach (french women aren’t into logo bags as North Americans are). Even the ladies who can afford the more expensive bags use these.

  • miss Q

    great, great, great bag! i’m lugging my red one around now. :grin:

  • p3apod

    i have a black one that i fell in love with the first time I saw it..it never fails me. been using it since despite that i have a lots of designer handbags! very easy to maintain. :wink:

  • Ania

    I adore those bags – I have a few in different colours and use them for uni or as carry-on luggage when traveling :)

  • MizzJ

    Hmm… seems a tad bit expensive just for a nylon bag! They do seem pretty highly rated though.


  • Allie

    I love these bags! So practical and perfect with every outfit! When my father went to Paris he brought me back a medium pale blue one and I just recently bought a navy large one to use for school :)

  • Stephanie

    These bags look fabulous. I bought one for myself, thinking that it would be a very fashionable way to tote around all I carry to teach, when I travel, etc… I ended up returning it when I realized that 95% of students on campus carried it as well. Too much of a good thing.

  • Jane

    These are great and make awesome gifts too. I also like the Herve Chapelier bags for the same purpose and get them at the same great shop – Treasure House in Maryland. They also monogram the Chapelier bags which look awesome and unique.

  • Deborah

    I just recently got into this line. I normally carry LV’s, but these bags really appeal to me also. I first purchased a small le pliage ( handheld) to try and found that I love the lightness, and the fact that weather is not a problem with the nylon bag. I just purchased a Longchamp black Planete medium shoulder bag and really love the way it looks and feels. These bags are great all weather bags, especially when the weather is wet and I don’t want to carry an LV with vachetta leather. All in all, I think these bags are great!

  • seema

    Oh, I just got a lovely rusty coloured one from heathrow duty free this summer. I simply love it. I had been lusting for one for a long time now. Great to possess one. It’s smart, it is practical and oh so classy.

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