Lauren Tango HandbagI’ve been lovin’ my fruit lately. I know it is good for you, and it tastes yummie too. Well why not slab some fruit on a bag? Designer Lauren Tango decided to do just that, and that was a big no-no. This bag looks like something I would have made in pre-k. Beads, yarn, straw, paint, glue, and lots of “project” time. This bag is all wrong. I know all the other designers out there are sticking fruit on their bags, and hey, some of them sure can pull it off. But you, Ms. Lauren Tango, have not been given that gift. The bag is a straw checkered tote bag with an embroidered and beaded grape motif. The red leather double-handles are attached by silver-toned hardware and just lead down to the bulk of the grape vine misery. Lucky for the buyer, the bag also comes with a matching clutch. Just your luck. You know, I can say the bag is not the worst ever. It certainly would be much better without the grape thingie added on. But it really just has too much going on for me. If you enjoy that totally overly busy look, why not buy the bag for $144 at Bluefly?

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  • billyjoe


  • chemlex

    Yuck, I don’t agree. But then again I’m not a fan of agriculture in fashion. The only fruit-themed bag I’ll ever carry is the Rafe Apple Blossom line of bags.

  • ok, mister ‘chlemlex’ i think that bag SUCKED!!!!!!!!!! put a little more enthusiasm in your comments, geeeeeze!!!!!!!! and nobody disagrees with billie joe armstrong, he’s the lead singer of green day right, billie

  • chemlex

    Wait, does using a ridiculous amount of punctuation count as enthusiasm? And did you read my comment, cause I think the bags sucks too. I agree with Billiejoe.

    And I kinda doubt the lead singer of Green Day has strong opinions about handbags.

    You better not be dissing on Rafe purses – they are my absolute favorite.

  • Amanda

    UGH! That purse is disgusting. Plus, i agree with chemlex, whats with all the exclamantion marks?

  • billyjoe

    hey dude dont be dissing the billyjoe of green day okay?

  • r u a boy or girl
    cuz i wanna no who i’m dealing with here

  • fyi, amanda, i am in an advanced acting class i use lots of drama, and u should too

  • chemlex

    Um. . . no one dissed Billy Joe of Green Day – in fact, insinuating that he has a love of ladies purses would be an insult. I merely said that he probably isn’t interested in handbags. In the future, please take the time and read and comprehend what people are saying.

    Yomama, I’m glad your junior high has an advanced acting class, because otherwise you would have no excuse to act like a drama queen. Perhaps you should pay more attention in your writing classes, though, and less time text messaging.

  • first of all, I’m not an idiot, I can write just as well as you can. I don’t take advice from from people who asume I’m in junior high and tell people what to do through a handbag comment page. I actually am reading what you are writing and for your information, Billie Joe is my best friend’s – friend from highschool. we like to mess around and my sister showed us this page.
    p.s. take a chill pill, seriously, you’re acting up a little too much

  • dude, we are joking around, okay. oh yeah, i don’t take advice from people who asume i’m in junior high and tell me what they think i should do through a handbag comment page

  • woops, i thought i deleted the other message, well, read both anyway

  • chemlex

    **Sigh** That’s pretty much all I have to say about this incoherent exchange. Since the beginning, you haven’t understood a sinle thing I’ve said, because I never liked the purse and I never dissed “BillyJoe”. And even though you advised me to increase my enthusiasm and punctuation, you then tell me to “chill out.”

    It’s too bad I don’t have a cousin who is a friend of a friend of the dry cleaner of one of the owners of this web site – because then I could ask them to kindly remove this special olympics argument.

  • dude, we were kidding the WHOLE time, you don’t get it do you?

  • watever

  • Vlad

    Folks, please keep it civilized and decent on our site.


  • sorry!

  • billyjoe

    chemlex dude take a chill pill

  • billyjoe

    that bag is fruity and nothing will make me change my mind about it
    ps-sorry vlad!

  • billyjoe


  • clulessblondie

    my god yall !!! why r yall bein such imature geeks??? i use alot uv punctuation, got a prob chenlex??? its and ugly purse ill give u that, but just because our opinion on punctuation isnt yours dosnt mean its wrong!!!!!!!!!!(and yes i used 10 exclamation marks, sue me!!!!!!!!!!)

  • i agree with chlemlex, and instead of fighting, you guys should do volenteer at the spca
    go animals!!!!!!!!!
    puppy chow and canine crunchies are the best(from 101 dalmations, my favourite movie) there is one thing i can say, though
    enviromentalists are doing the right thing, ALWAYS, and we should let them take care of the enviroment with no interuptions and help them conserve our world’s wildlife, biologests are good too
    and herpatologists are the best
    don’t forget vets!
    support our troops in iraq and donating to cancer funds are wonderfull too!
    peace out, and dogs rool!

  • Pia Magalona

    Hi! I just want you to know that these kinda bags are fairly common in the Philippines and we even have to make them at one point as a project in grade school for either home economics subject or arts & crafts. Just thought you’d like to know. And yes, I agree they are pretty ugly if you don’t live in the tropics or are not surrounded by banana and coconut trees.
    Love, Pia :)

  • Barbara

    Hi! I like ! :)

  • Sarah P’bean


  • Naggy

    This is an eyesore! (ipad)

  • KY

    Ehh what a ugly bag.. (ipad)