Karl Lagerfeld Karl Who Bag

Karl Lagerfeld is a fashion guru, a mastermind and creative genius in his own right. I can not imagine what sort of thoughts go through his head. To sit down with Karl Lagerfeld would be a dream come true for most. What has the internet buzzing recently is a handbag Karl Lagerfeld has been seen sporting and it is far from Chanel. Karl Lagerfeld has been spotted carrying a canvas Karl Who? Bag which is designed by Naco Paris. Fun fact, Naco Paris won a court case against Chanel over the use of the Chanel logo. One minute they are in court together and the next Karl Lagerfeld is wearing a Naco Paris design and not vice versa.

The Karl Who? Bag will be arriving at Colette and is available now through Arty Dandy for 49€

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  • Beautylicious

    Ooohhh, finally!! Karl is such a good sport, haha! I’m so gonna get me one!

  • Creepcake

    Is this man not a riot? I know he probably literally only carried this bag for the photo shoot but, I wish more celebrities had this sense of humor. I’m not even a fan in particular but I think he must be a real card and that goes a long way in my book.

  • urbansketch94

    omg, i was just searching the internet for this bag, finally i can buy it! thanks for the link TPF.

  • papertiger

    Thank G-d for a man or two with a sense of humour

  • renee

    Hilarious. And they’re not trying to pull $300-400 dollars out of it like Longchamp’s “IT” bag.

  • Amy

    i LOVE it! i love the sense of humor behind it.

    sad thing is, most of the people i know really will say “karl who?”

  • Merve

    Thats really cool of him. What a champ!

  • lllfashion

    a great designer with a great sense of humor, as he has proven many times before.
    I cant imagine what chanel will be like after he retires…

  • lawlynn

    such a cool and humor man.
    I want to open a shop online that sell Louis Vuitton scarfs. but i
    don’t know whether there are people coming to buy. dear all,
    can you give me some suggestion?

  • Nat

    I prefer purchasing through Colette. Hopefully it will arrive soon!

  • dierregi

    For a man with a great sense of humour, he certainly does not look happy in those photos :-)

    Besides, most people will definitely think “Karl who?” as I doubt his fame is spreading any further than the fashion world. So, it’s a sort of joke falling flat on its face.

    On the other hand, if you were Madonna, carrying a “Madonna who?” bag, I think a lot more people would get it……

  • bagpoor.blogspot.com

    lol @ dierregi

    that’s exactly what i was thinking…”karl who?”

  • papertiger

    Madonna who?

  • Inga

    I LOVE him. Great sense of humor.

  • PhotoGirl

    Who knew he had a sense of humor? Love it!!

  • gail

    Who knew he was a publicity whore?

  • chirpy_gal

    Love it … Awesome :)

  • Mika

    Karl’s just the best!! :D


    The “karl who?” bag is a Naco Paris creation in exclusivity at Arty Dandy.
    You can order it on : http://artydandy.com/main/?cat=11&z=objets

  • Jha GabAnd

    wow this is really a nice bag! simeple yet nice! perfect i want one!!
    i hope they would sell this here in the philippines

  • rafael fuchs

    Naco Paris rocks !!!