This bag is downright hilarious. It is completely impractical in my life, but can not be touted a fug bag because it is just too funny. I prefer big dogs over little dogs, but if my pup were sporting some bad-to-the-bone aviators, I’d take him if he were little. Anya Hindmarch shows her creative, funky, borderline weird style with the Russo Canvas Tote Bag. You can not tell me that you do not look at this bag and laugh. But like the class clown, this bag can not be taken seriously. A sturdy canvas build houses a chihuahua print on a 14 by 13 by 4 inch body, through Saks Fifth for just under $400.

Who could you see wearing this bag?

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  • ccgoddess

    Paris Hilton and Tinkerbell, who else?

  • Brenda

    Is that the taco bell dog? LOL

  • Ellie

    Someone cute and unpretentious who doesn’t take herself too seriously, and who would wear it with a grin. With the right dress, Parker Posey or Zooey Deschanel would be great contenders. I don’t think Paris would, because I’ve never seen an un-self-conscious or un-calculatingly-sexy smile on that girl. Also, no one too “kooky” like Sarah Jessica Parker and no one who actually carries around a small dog as an accessory, because both would be disgustingly cloying.

    I love this purse. It’s like a high fashion nod at those weird novelty bags–the ones with dogs accented glued-on plastic crystals or sequins or beads–that I see only housewifey-types holding. Those bags don’t make me laugh like this one does; they only creep me out.

  • preppyrich69

    that so called designer should be out of a job and than take all her money for putting this so called purse on the market.

  • fashion princess alana

    preppyrich69 is ssssssssoooooooo right it is ssssssssoooooooooo bad that bag :oops: just makes me sick :???:

  • Naggy

    I’m not into these photograph bags in general and this is no exception. (ipad)

    • Naggy

      It’s actually probably a painting but “realistic pics” is what I’m saying. (ipad)