Anya Hindmarch Big Ben or Corgi Headline Totes, $295 each via Net-a-Porter

Oh, the Brits! They’re a funny lot, aren’t they? They brought us Monty Python and Benny Hill and Eddie Izzard, and for that, the rest of the world is eternally grateful. British humor is renowned the world over for its special brand of biting dryness, and it only makes sense that a London designer would be pursuing the art of handbag humor.

Anya Hindmarch is often witty, but the Anya Hindmarch Headline Printed Canvas Shoppers take things to a new level. Using iconic bits of Britannia like Big Ben and the Queen’s beloved corgis, Hindmarch gives you a funny way to haul your daily necessities. Plus, they have a little surprise on the inside.

While I agree that $295 is a tad steep for a canvas tote, even a very clever and Anglophilic one, I do appreciate Hindmarch’s irreverent attention to detail. In the photos above, you can see that the interior pocket of each tote is also printed, the Big Ben story with a sexy shirtless dude (perhaps in a nod to Britain’s Page 3 Girls?) and the Corgi story with a crossword. If I were going to overspend on a non-leather bag, these totes would definitely be in the running. Get Big Ben or the Corgi through Net-a-Porter for $295 each.

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  • Bag Servant Lenka

    Living in Britain I can see how these bags can become the new hot trend! maybe you can customise it ….

  • ellenbakes

    It’s a canvas tote for crying out loud and there’s nothing funny about that price tag.

  • lintmag

    I love the corgi one, but even for designer, this price tag is really too much. The most I would pay for this is around 70$ and that’s pushing it.

  • Gi

    as a corgi owner, the queen corgi tote is awesome!!! Will look for the bag in HK!

  • Shannon

    Love these totes, the Big Ben one would make a great gift for a friend. But I can’t get over the price, I wish they were under $100!

  • J Umm

    yeah, id buy into it. im sick of seeing the longchamp pliage.


  • Shirley J

    interesting lol