Alexander McQueen Elvie Patent Leather ToteThe first thing I like about the Alexander McQueen Elvie Patent Leather Tote is its name. Elvie. That’s adorable, right? It’s playful and British-sounding and maybe something Sir Bob Geldof would name a kid (he did, after all, choose Peaches and Pixie in the past). And the bag itself doesn’t disappoint either – in whimsicle grass-green patent leather, all I can see when I look at it is springtime. But let’s talk a bit about the construction, because that’s also a big part of this bag and is done very well. McQueen has managed to take patent leather – a material that is inherently stiff, firm, and difficult to work with – and made it look like it was easily draped over this bag’s frame. A difficult task indeed, and when you add in the bag’s cute, bright lining and ability to work as a “bright neutral,” Elvie is a big winner. Buy through Net-a-Porter for $2160.

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  • Pippi

    I love, love, LOVE this bag! I love the color, I love the shape, I love the patent leather! My first handbag, which I got for my 4 year old birthday, was green patent leather and was an absolute favorite. This takes the combination to a whole new level of cool!

  • eve

    jolly green handbag!

  • washlz

    I purchased this bag and it is heavy.

  • PurpleAmanda

    I love Alexander McQueen’s stuff. Not so much this handbag though. He does make it look like the leather drapes over it nicely, with it being so stiff, but I feel when handling the bag it will feel veryy the opposite. Stiff and plastic-y.

  • Jane

    Achingly beatiful! The color is so nice!

  • Merve

    i really like it but the price is kinda cha ching for patent leather!!

  • MizzJ

    Cool color, but the way it’s draped it kinda reminds me as if someone took a giant blade of grass and folded into the shape of a purse! I’m not sure I would pay this much for patent leather.

  • luvhautecouture

    I like hardware and patent, but I think this bag is too big. It looks heavy… and it reminds me of celery… but really heavy celery

  • Julie Fisher

    I simply adore this handbags.

    I would get it if I could only afford it.

    Right now things are tight.

    I agree I don’t think I would pay this much for patent leather either.

    But that’s just me.

    Julie Fisher

  • Alex

    I haven’t been to this blog for a long while, but the purse pictures sure have gotten SMALL! It’s completely killing my visual enjoyment of the site. Make the purse pictures bigger, that is what we’re here to look at!

  • Fabutopia

    The style of the bag is cute, but the color makes it look like Kermit the Frog….

  • gracieo

    I love this bag. A bit pricey for my budget tho. It hurts being a recessionista :o(

  • M_butterfly

    It is pretty but too ladylike. Nothing wrong with it but I, even though I should be caring things like this, not ready to look like a lady!!! hahaha

  • Fashion Archives

    Love it! It has a gorgeous shape and the color is stunning.

  • Sean

    I don’t think I’d like this bag, I prefer my leather bags to be smooshy rather than stiff.

  • Speedster70

    I like this one and not just because it is the same color as one of my cars lol. I think it is cool and funky but would like it better with silver hardware.

  • Necktie

    Thanks you, very nice news!

  • Kendra

    The shape is stunning and the color perfect. (fb)

  • Adrienne Zedella

    real cute (fb)