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  • shueaddict

    whoaaaw, Amanda! Awesome effort – as a working / travelling corporate gal, this is right up my alley – I have to put a lot of thought in the bag I carry depending on whom I am seeing that day. The unwritten rule is to pick a luxe bag with no visible logo, leather that screams high end , model not that easily recongizable – but can fit a slim lap top.

  • _petitprince_

    don’t forget the celine mini luggage :)

    • That would work in an office that’s okay with a little bit of flash, but since the bag is so recognizable at this point, I wouldn’t recommend it for a conservative office unless no one there would recognize it.

      • Mya Wilkes

        I know what you mean. My office is mid way conservation and I get passing comments about my bags (because I carry ALL my bags to work from the flashy to conservative). I just tell them to sod off (in my mind). lol.

    • Kelly

      You are either joking or a moron

  • Keira

    I just bought a bag that fits well with this category! I can’t believe Ralph Lauren doesn’t get as much recognition as the other mid range purses. I love the quality and it’s cheap too!


  • Stina Sias

    I LOVE crazy colors, even at work! I wish you would do an article on the beautiful new Coach neons, I’m not a Coach girl but those are beautiful bags in simple shapes and just the right amount of interest for me :)

  • Denise

    Great post!

    I’m always on the hunt for great work bags that don’t all look the same. I have three neutral bags that I use the most and in my opinion, adds nothing to my work attire as they seem more like travel bags.

    I need bags that are big enough to fit my tablet or laptop, documents, a huge wallet and my lunch box but structured and polished. Not ones that look as if I’m going on a weekend getaway.

  • seres

    A black Mulberry Bayswater has been my workbag for the last 3 years – I am somewhat clumsy and spill my workbag on a rather regular basis – open totes were a nightmare.

  • K_Elizabeth

    I am obsessed with that Sac due Jour! Next on my wish list for sure. For work, I alternate between my Givenchy Antigona and Everyone Petra Tote. Love them both!

  • klynneann

    Do most people just carry a tote to the office that doubles as a purse? I carry a tote and my handbag. In my tote goes any paperwork, shoes, lunch items, etc. And in my handbag are the usual items – cell, wallet, cosmetic bag, keys, etc.

    • Denise

      I tried doing that just to keep from carrying my tote everywhere while I’m at work but the weight of my bag became too much.

    • I really, really hate carrying two bags at any time, so doing it every day for work isn’t an option. I might look at it differently if I drove to work every day, but since I ride the subway, there’s significant advantage to lightening the load as much as possible.

    • Jade

      I carry two, but I also drive everywhere. A man in the office once commented that it looks like you’re traveling if you carry more than one. I have way too much work stuff to tote around everyday.

  • KMoya

    Really great post Amanda! I think another bag that fits into this category is the Moynat Rejane! It is simply beautiful, classy, and discreet!

    • Tinsley Proust

      Not sure if you’ve ever had one, but I bought a Rejane and quickly returned it. It was very stiff and the top was narrower than the bottom. Definitely wouldn’t be able to fit papers or files into it, especially not a laptop. The quality was wonderful, though. Very similar to Delvaux or Hermès.

  • Mya Wilkes

    Great compilation Amanda! My SIL just bought the LV Marly in RED for work and it is beautiful!

  • ….and of course, the Fred&Eve patent leather tote! Just stunning! x

  • Grace

    Thanks for this! Finding the perfect work tote has been a never ending quest for me for years. As nice as many of these suggestions are, I do wonder whether they can hold the weight of an average laptop…

    • Jade

      I have an average laptop for work. Carry it everyday in the large rebecca minkoff MAB. Highly recommend. It’s the best work bag for an average laptop I’ve ever found.

  • janice

    i would definitely add the everlane petra line here! mine is the magazine but i also like the market

  • idealistas

    I love them all! Never seen that Gucci before, it’s awesome! I love the little subtle studs.

  • Immodest Goddess

    A list like this is incomplete if it doesn’t mention the Mulberry Bayswater. I have the Sac du Jour and the Marly and there is no comparison. The Bayswater is light, incredibly comfortable, elegant and very practical. After years of researching and trying all sorts of other bags, it is the only bag that I am completely pleased with. Not to mention you can stuff that sucker.

  • ciccone

    The alexander wang bag scratched my car real good…i have the doctor briefcase and totally regretted buying it

  • Tourmaline123

    There are a lot of beautiful bags in this collection and it’s great to see more than the usual names — although the shoulder straps on a few of them don’t look like they are sturdy enough to be comfortable once the bag is “fully loaded”. Thanks for pulling together a great selection!

  • melinda

    Great post! I’m a surgeon and couldn’t find a bag that was appropriate (when I’m not at work, I’m totally casual). With international meetings, you have to dress up a bit. I like the prada saffiano tote, which I’m surprised didn’t get a mention, since it was the one that all the salespeople recommended to me. I settled on this Gucci bamboo handled tote from this year, which has lots of pockets, but what I end up using more is that Mulberry bayswater that people have mentioned. Mulberry is not a very known brand in the states, and I like that it’s a bit more subtle. Plus, it can be quite casual as well.

  • Tinsley Proust

    For work I use a Neverfull GM to haul files and my laptop to and from work. I keep a Céline Trio inside of the Neverfull that I use when going to lunch or pulling clothes

  • princess.

    I use a Marc Jacobs franchesca bag or a never full gm. They’re both good totes to carry for work

  • Schenley

    The Botkier tote looks amazing! My daily tote is the Friday & River cross body bag, http://fridayandriver.com/collections/bags/products/classic-leather-tote-bag-natural . The natural leather is aging nicely, but I’d love to pick up one of these as well.