Gwyneth Paltrow’s Tod’s commercial has finally hit the web. The blond haired beauty graces this 7 minute clip which follows the journey of her Tod’s Pashmy bag finding its way back to her. What do you think?

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  • janie

    too loooooong

  • Eliana

    sigh. how many children could be fed for the cost of one bag, that party, G’s dress, all of the production people’s expenses, the flights, the food, the advertising?….drives one mad.

  • It is too long for me too… but I think she is stunning!

  • janis


  • Grace

    it was too long…i stopped watching it half way *yawn*

  • Zzuliyta

    unrealistic…. if i lost my purse, i would’ve realize it sooner rather than later. plus, the dude would’ve gone through her stuff.

  • fwy

    I was told she is a vegetarian. How come she is doing this commercial?

  • Jane


  • Yvonne

    Eh.. He could have courier it to her company or something. All the trouble..

  • dyjann

    hmm…I can’t believe i actually watched the whole thing! lovely bag, but the plot just doesn’t make sense!

  • mette

    Wow,an awful expensive (I´m sure) commercial for a simple bag. It was different however, I guess I liked it.

  • fin

    I fast forwarded ’til the end hehehe. Soooo boring! This kind of ad is not new any more. She is very pretty, though! I dun think the nylon version of the bag is nice =(

  • Bonnie


  • juju

    Wow. I couldn’t make it much past the first minute of this. And Dennis Hopper wrote and directed this? Really? Dennis, what has become of you? Cute bag though.

  • heidi

    the ad didnt show off the bag enough. you sell a bag by having a celebrity WEAR it and look glamerous, not by having a celebrity lose it and not care enough about it to realize it’s gone!

  • sophia2008

    dun understand… why Gwyneth had to run away at the first place? it’s not like she’s got no makeup on or meeting her secret lover, haha… and she was like so friendly towards the press in the 2nd entrance. contradictive rite? haha.
    maybe it makes more sense if her bag got robbed and then the guy ran to catch the robber and bring the bag back to her…

  • Adrienne zedella

    another celeb moment. who cares. fb