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  • very interesting design

  • girlscoutnocookie

    Definitely on the higher end of the designer bag spectrum. Very enjoyable nonetheless.

  • ToddEEllis

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  • Volappece

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  • AshleyG

    Loved this one! I even loved the Pandora- and I hate that bag, lol.

  • love the miumiu bag, very edgy! nice bags all around.

  • SarahGGanley

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  • ebun

    Serious question: Do people really carry such small bags to work? How do you fit your to-go make up bag, snacks, wallet, sunglasses, misc work stuff/other items? (I won’t even add lunch to that list) Or do people carry multiple bags on their person? (side note: I always thought that looked odd – why have a backpack/random tote with a cute cross body? it always nullifies the cuteness of the outfit for me, unless both bags are chic of course.

    • FashionableLena

      I carry a small bag to work because I’m a fanatic about keeping the inside of my handbags clean. I like keeping work and everyday bag separate. I carry my work things in a backpack and a regular everyday bag. I tried the whole putting everything in one bag, and it drove me nuts! I don’t really care how it looks. I just need for things to be functional and compartmentalized.

    • Jane McKee

      I carry a tote or backpack for work, but I wear a small crossbody (which fits in the larger bag) so that I can safely and easily access keys, cash, metro card, etc., during my commute.

    • I carried a small bag to work and then usually left a bunch of stuff in a larger bag at work, or would carry a large bag with me. In NYC majority of people have a couple bags when they head to and from work!

      • phlox

        Truth. I’m from a big, cold city where few people have cars, and it’s rare to see a woman carrying fewer than two bags (one cute leather one for wallet, keys, phone etc., the other usually a Pliage or cotton tote with all the other crap)… I try so hard to consolidate everything into my Borough but it’s a daunting task.

  • Aoedele

    I was bored until #15, that bag has personality, and love the shoes in #17. I don’t get carrying a clutch in the daytime.

  • FrederickBPerez

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  • Wheaur

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