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  • jess

    I find it quite weird (not in a bad way of course) that Dakota is the older sister but she looks younger than her age, meanwhile elle is the younger sister and she looks older than her age.

    Nevertheless both are beautiful and have enviable bag collection.

  • Jan

    I think the bal bag is the Sunday tote

    • tren

      It is…my fav

  • I just adore Dakota’s style. She always looks so cool and edgy. I even suspect there are more PS1 bags in her collection

    • LucyHobbscig

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  • Boma

    I abs love the black proenza. Sweet and tough!

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  • Neen

    Is that last bag a Jumbo or Maxi? It looks so big on her!

    • Anja

      It’s definitely a maxi

  • Marnie

    Finally color! I really like all their choices, they are more age appropriate than the Kardashian-Jenner younger siblings. Love the Prada face and Celine trapeze.

  • MM

    Any thoughts on what kind of glasses (white eyeglasses) she is wearing with the red leather miu miu tote?

    • eden

      I’m pretty sure it’s miu miu or prada

  • John

    Balenciaga Sunday Tote. Love that style.

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  • Ashley

    I’d love to know what the ID is on some of those FABULOUS coats!! So beautiful. I love Dakotas style in particular. So sophisticated, edgy and fun! The Sunday Bal Tote is my favorite as well!

  • Emma

    Love ther style and bags !! (way better then Jenner sister no colour :( )

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  • lancelbbsac

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  • Kim

    ughhhh im loving Dakota’s Trapeze!!

  • Jennifer

    New to the bag scene but I’m really lovin’ Dakota’s pale pink PS1… Would that be a large PS1?? I’m about her size and still debating between large and medium…

  • Those ps1 look so amazing on her. They suit her style so much.