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  • Tang

    Everybody is wearing and carrying Louboutins. Why?

    • Ng?c Minh Tr??ng

      I don’t know but the fact that they work for Louboutin kinda makes it obvious don’t you think?

      • Tang

        Strict company policy to wear and carry louboutins only? Unfortunately it feels like an advertorial spread.

      • JH

        I doubt that CL has a policy that employees have to wear CL stuff all the time but there might be a policy to wear the brand if they are being photographed as CL employees as is being done here. That makes perfect sense to me.

      • Tang

        Yes I agree. It was afterall free (!!!) advertising (served on a silver platter) to their exact target segment thanks to purseblog. I must have been spoilt by Meg and Vlad bcos I much preferred the Many Bags and Shoes articles of the staff in magazines rather than designer brands per se. It feels more authentic to see what fashion people working in fashion are carrying (out of their own free will + pockets).

      • Imgoingbroke

        heh. Smart alek!!

  • Sarah

    Pictures on this on are prob my fav ever!!!

  • I love Tiffany Bowman’s sandals and the Paloma is a gorgeous bag.
    Nice pictures all around but I have to be honest, if I had to wear Louboutins to work everyday I’d be on the unemployment line for sure.

    • I’m sure having access to CL shoes and bags are part of the perk of working there too! I def left there wanting many more CL’s myself :)

    • Dominic Leto

      Luxury retailers and their corporate offices often give their employees a seasonal allotment of clothes/shoes/accessories depending on what they sell, or they have internal sample sales where product is 70-85% off of items that were production samples, runway samples, last-last season product, or over-produced models.

      There is a woman who takes my bus to work. She’s a manager at the local Chanel boutique. They receive 5-10 complete outfits, a few pairs of shoes, and a non-classic handbag every season. I kid you not, she’s literally dripping in Chanel when she goes to work at 9 am. She easily wears $10k of Chanel at any given time. In the summer, she wears a Chanel tweed tank underneath her tweed jackets. Always make me smile a little!

      • It’s the pain I can’t stand not the prices. I personally don’t find CL’s pleasurable to wear or comfortable.

        Now, Chanel can feel free to hire me!!

      • Imgoingbroke

        That is awesome! Good for her, I bet she works her butt off to maintain that position at Chanel.

  • Yazi

    Are they all required to wear his high heels as HR policy? I’m curious.

    • I saw people in flats that day – but the people we photographed brought out some of their favorite heels!

  • AshleyG

    the pics of Ariel Garrett = EVERYTHING!!! I need her whole outfit (and probably her body)!

  • JH

    I guess wearing flats is out for women at Louboutin. Naturally, the shoes are lovely, especially the Ziggoo, the Uptown and the Miss Taos. Hats off to the these women — I wore 2.5 inch slim heeled shoes yesterday to work and thought I was in hell by the end of the day.

    • I saw many people that we didn’t photograph in flats! I think everyone put on some of their prettiest shoes that day, but saw plenty in flats too!

      And trust me, I am not good at wearing heels at all!!! Katherine on our team is great at it, I am absolutely horrible. I think some people are just able to do it and others aren’t

      • JH

        I think that you are right about that. My sister and I are both about 6 feet tall and I have never learned the art of wearing anything over a 3 inch heel and if the heel is skinny I am maxed out at 2.5 inches. Meanwhile sis can and does wear any height heel and walk in them all day.

  • TexasST

    Love this! Definitely makes me want one of his bags now!!

  • vbo

    It is disappointing to see the lack of diversity…but not surprising.

    • YesGirl

      Person wise? Um eye spy two Asian employees…and there’s rarely any Asian representation in most scenarios.

  • Sandy

    The thing is, Louboutins makes some great flats! I have several pair, sandals, ballerinas, boots and they are amazing. I learned my lesson early that over 4 inch heels with the steep pitch are not for me. You have to be pain free to look great LOL! The Ziggoo 85’s are the perfect shoe IMO, beautiful and the heel is so wearable!

  • buffmom33

    Love the CL team looks I like the bags too?!

  • FashionableLena

    It would have been nice to see the front of Alexandra’s bag. There’s only a side view.
    I would love to own a pair of Louboutins, but the toe box is too small as you can tell by some of these pictures. They look painful. Love Merel’s boots.
    The bags with the animal print accents are cool and edgy.

  • W S M

    I love this. So much fun and colour. They’re definitely the best brand ambassadors for Monsieur Louboutin.

  • shopper

    Not a fan…to the point where I won’t even try them on but for those of you who like them, go ahead and enjoy.

  • Imgoingbroke

    My achilles are aching something fierce just looking at these pics!!

  • Mya Wilkes

    Love Julian and Alyse’s handwriting ?. The shoes are gorgeous, naturally! I guess everyone loves the Paloma then!

  • Slim

    Curious, do they hire African-Americans, didn’t see any .

  • Giselle

    Great photos, but the soles are not even scratched ?

  • Millerette

    Totally in love with the photos and the people. I may have a girl crush on Tiffany Bowman now. What a dreamy place to work!

  • Sara

    Julian’s handwriting is EVERYTHING.