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  • stephanie

    Love every bag, and all her clothes!

  • LabellaLuxe Boutique

    Love her handbgags!

  • Kris Leigh

    These photos are from Gossip Girls, right? I dont think these are her real purse collection.

  • Cari R Haegele

    These are not her real purse collection. These are from Gossip Girls

  • Laura

    I have such a girl crush on Blake Lively. The bags she’s worn in real life and on the show are stunning!

  • Ebun

    Please, please, pleaseeeee can we STOP with the whole 1pic/page. No one wants to have to click through upwards of 10pages! It’s tiresome, time consuming and highly irritating. Perhaps the Jessica Simpom TMB of format might be a comprise for us all? Thanks!

    • Lili

      Cant agree more. Every time there is more than one photo, I just skip

      • RR

        I hate the 1-click per pict. Terrible.

      • Angela

        Yessss! I’ve mentioned this before. I love reading posts but HATE having to click through after every picture.

      • Reez

        Truely said! Remember when all the photos used to be on one page?? We want that

    • is this some sort of new feature to garner more “page views”???

    • With the Jessica Simpson format, we tried doing multiple pictures per page and it seemed like it made a lot of people think there weren’t more pages, based on the view data from the post. We’re having a custom system for these types of posts designed right now, but at the moment, there’s not much we can do for posts with such huge images. They don’t work as one-page posts and they don’t seem to work with multiple posts on a page. So, a solution is coming, just ride it out with us!

      • Ebun

        Thanks for the reply! Don’t worry, I’m a die-hard fan, I’ll ride it out–you guys are the only ones I’ll ever put up with having to click through so many pages :) Re Jessica Simpson: maybe it’s because we’re all used to the 1pic/page format people assumed there wasn’t more..
        Suggestion: how about if you guys do the pop-up format? (You know, the one where if you click the “read more” link the page pops-up on your screen and blacks out the background)Then have the pictures show up like a gallery/slide-show? Also, the pop-up format would eliminate having to click the home/back button once done reading an article, if used for those too.
        PS- can you tell I’m lazy hehe

      • We’re having something similar to that custom designed for us! There are lots of mechanical improvements to the site coming and we’re verrrry excited to get them launched, both for ease of use for you guys and for the kinds of content it’ll allow us to produce. Thanks for hanging in there in the meantime!

    • Thank you for your feedback. We are working on a solution that will be available very soon!

    • I’m glad I’m not the only person here who thinks this. It’s easier and quicker to read through everything in an entire page rather than page by page. It allows me to go through this blog quicker within an short allotted time. I’m more likely to come back more often if I could check out more posts quicker. That’s why I love reading news on my phone.

  • Julia

    Can you please do a Blair Waldorf/Leighton Meester Many Bags blog post? Please? I am a big fan of her style on GG.

  • Olive

    Most of these bags are from Gossip Girl props. Blake’s real purse collections are much nicer than these. Where are all her Chanel bags?

  • SK

    I agree – please stop with the one pic/ page. Also, it is a dress, not a shirt. Its the DVF Fleurette dress.

  • Sambo

    Does anyone know where I could buy this bag mulberry electric blue bays water

  • bob

    The bag on pg 2 is the Louis Vuitton Monogram Volupte Psyche Bordeaux Bag. not Hazier Satchel

  • It’s disappointing that most of these aren’t her actual bags, but the ones that the stylists from Gossip Girl have her character wear…this should be retitled “The Many Bags of Serena VanderWoodsen”. C’mon guys!

  • just sayin’

    One of the prettiest girls in Hollywood bar none. Glad she hasn;t gone overboard with the plastic surgery ala KarTRASHian.