I have a very hard time paying more for a gadget case than for the gadget itself. As luxury customers, we deal with crazy prices all the time, but juxtaposing the price of an inanimate leather case with that of an incredibly powerful computer or phone only serves to bring the price insanity into stark relief. Despite the fact that the Alexander McQueen Camouflage Python Laptop Case costs as much as my computer did, though, I’m still intrigued.

It must be said: those in the market for a python laptop case in a trendy print like camouflage probably don’t experience much price shock in their lives, least of which for something in the low four figures. For that matter, those people likely don’t even know how much their laptop cost. They probably sent someone at a lower pay grade to pick it up for them, and they don’t look at their own credit card statements. It must be fun to be that person. Unfortunately, I am not that person. You probably aren’t either, unless you’re currently having someone read this blog post to you aloud.

Anyway, back to the point: when you’re hauling around a computer that costs less than two grand, which almost all laptops now do, encasing it in something that expensive might seem a little ridiculous. The more I think about it, though, the contents of my handbag rarely add up to more in value than the bag itself (an eight-year-old Marc Jacobs card case, a pair of Ray-Bans and an iPhone with a cartoon Frankenstein case don’t add up to that much), and this is a pretty good-looking case for those of you who have to haul a laptop. Camouflage: it’s officially a thing. Buy through SSENSE for $1,995.

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