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Ok, so for the most part, it seems as though most people either love or hate L.A.M.B. handbags. While there is always some sort of divide when it comes to handbag likes and dislikes, I feel as though for the most part, L.A.M.B. really speaks to a very unique crowd. As a L.A.M.B. lover, you have to embrace loud, out there, in your face handbags. True, I’ve come across a few that aren’t as out there as others, but generally speaking, L.A.M.B. bags are very, very noticeable.

And while I’ve already covered the L.A.M.B. Haughton Clutch before, my eyes were a bit at ease when I came across this version today. Unlike the first version that I covered, this one uses much more subdued colors which I imagine will appeal to a larger crowd. (more…)

Against perhaps my better judgment, I really like the Alexander Wang Jena Laser-Cut Leather Clutch. And I mean, I like, REALLY like it. The shape is a bit odd and I typically stay away from oddly shaped bags. Don’t ask me why, it’s just what I do. Yet, this clutch, this adorable, edgy and versatile clutch has captured my attention and I’ve not been able to get out of its hold since. (more…)

It is no shock that I’m a Rebecca Minkoff fan. In fact, looking back on past RM posts I’ve written, almost all of them are positive. I’ve recently been obsessing over the Easy Rider Date Clutch. I mean, I’ve been obsessing over it so much that I am shocked that I haven’t bought it yet. Perhaps that is something I should put on my “to-do list”. For those of you who liked that clutch but are in the market for something a bit bigger, Rebecca Minkoff has something for you. (more…)

I’ve become a huge fan of Lockheart bags over the past few years and it’s mostly due to the fact that these bags are unlike most others on the market. The bags are highly unique and boast amazing attention to detail. Ok, not to say that other handbags *don’t* showcase attention to detail, but I think you follow what I am saying.

I am used to Lockheart bags being soft, feminine and a bit bohemian. Just as I began to expect this from this brand, they throw a complete curve-ball. While I was a bit shocked at first, I spent some serious time looking and the bag and began to appreciate it for everything that it is. (more…)

This is awesome. Ok, well this bag is awesome for several reasons, but one of them has to do with the name of the bag. As all of you handbag lovers out there know, many designers use people’s names in the names of certain handbags. Designers we’ve talked to say they draw inspiration from people with those names as well as the sheer thought of what someone with a given name embodies.

Unfortunately I did not have the opportunity to talk to Mr. Jacobs about his inspiration behind this particular creation of his, but I have to say, Kelsey is a perfect name. You have to understand, I say this because I have a friend named Kelsey and frankly, this bag is sooooooo her! (more…)

Finally, Marc by Marc Jacobs. Finally. I had been severely underwhelmed by the recent offerings by the brand, which is one of my favorites, but it appears as though their Spring/Summer 2010 collection isn’t doomed to the sale rack after all. At least not if they continue to debut bags is pretty and functional as the Marc by Marc Jacobs Flash Leola Hobo.

When I see something in such a bright and cheerful shade, I can’t help but think of sun, sand, and warm weather. This beautiful blue is the color of the ocean off the coast of some far-off Caribbean island to which I have never been, but the bag does a good job of taking me directly there. Can I get a pina colada? (more…)

A bag like this makes me love Botkier more and more. It shouldn’t shock you that the color absolutely jumped out at me when I saw this bag. The coral lambskin is a color that I simply cannot get enough of. I fell in love with this color big time this fall and that love has just continued to grow. In fact, I have a different Botkier bag in a similar color and this bag gets probably the most complements on its color than just about any other bag in my collection. But, there is more to this bag than just the color. (more…)

Yes, the bag itself jumped out at me and I saw something I liked. However, I also noticed the name of the bag and had to stop and think for a minute. So, how many of you are Twilight fans out there? Admittedly, I haven’t read any of the books, however, I saw the first Twilight movie on a flight to Hawaii earlier this year and I have to say, I liked it quite a bit. While, I won’t be standing in lines which wrap around buildings to see the next one, I am sure I will see it. Now my question today is, what came first, the movie or the name of this bag? (more…)

From time to time, I see a Rebecca Minkoff bag that I’m not totally fond of, but it’s a rare thing. And indeed, today is not one of those times.

The Rebecca Minkoff Love Letters Shoulder Bag is functional, on trend, and completely appealing. It must be a fairly daunting task for a fairly young designer to be expected to come up with new shapes and ideas for every season with a fairly rabid following salivating over what may come next, but Ms. Minkoff has pulled it off once again. (more…)

Hmmm, hot pink. What do you think of a hot pink handbag? Personally, I’m not a fan of hot pink on huge bags, but on smaller bags, sure why not?! It is always nice to add a bit of flash and spice to an outfit. The Rebecca Minkoff Exclusive 3-Zip Morning After Clutch is the kind of hot pink bag I am sure I would be able to rock. I am not exactly sure which outfit I would carry it with, but you better believe any black or gray outfit would be fabulous! (more…)

Oh Botkier, you continue to make me a happy girl. I was literally thrilled to see this bag today. The Botkier Aiden Satchel is beyond lovely. I am a huge fan of the burnt orange craze that is going on these days. This is a color I hope doesn’t go anywhere any time soon. Some stray away from bright colors like orange, but the darker hue is one that is bound to change minds. (more…)

L.A.M.B. Zip Wallet

Just when I was beginning to love L.A.M.B, I come across this wallet. What is going on here? It is a hot mess. (more…)

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