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Zimmerman Stud BagBelieve it or not, Pursebloggers, there are some circumstances under which I would be ok with the Zimmerman Stud Bag. I know, I know, it’s hard to believe, because it’s pretty much a monstrosity as it is. I have two main problems with it that, if remedied, would make it a completely respectable bag. First of all, the tie-dye lining that shows through. I’m not sure why everyone suddenly decided that we needed tie-dye bags, but I really don’t think it’s necessary. Or attractive. In any way. It’s a fad that needs to to go back to the annals of history where it came from and stay there; it doesn’t need to be revisited.

If this bag had a white canvas lining (or maybe even some kind of grey), it would highlight the industrial quality of the exterior shell better. Industrial mixed with hippie doesn’t so much do it for me, you know? Also, I wish the bottom was more squared – the roundness competes with the grid-like structure of the exterior leather, and I think something a bit more corner-y would be appropriate. I like the concept of the leather latticework with the studs, because as always, I like things with a punky edge. This one just misses the mark. Buy through ShopBop for $350.

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