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Gucci Resort 2012 (1) Pictures of resort accessories can be difficult to come by because no such thing as Resort Fashion Week exists – shows are far-flung and photographed less extensively than traditional collections. We’ve come up with a few photos of the bags from the recently presented Gucci Resort 2012 show, though, and one thing is obvious: Someone out there is trying to make zebra happen.

And I feel more than fine about the advent of zebra; most of us should be stocked up on exquisite leopard pieces by now, and I’m itching for something a little different. I wish that Gucci had trimmed its zebra pieces in bright leather instead of neutral beige, but it does make the bags a bit more seasonless than they would be if the leather were colorful. Check out a few more pictures plus a python option after the jump. (more…)

From time to time around these parts, we tackle the somewhat tricky issue of diaper bags – do you go for a pattern or a solid? Leather or nylon? High-end or practical? The same one no matter what you’re wearing or several different ones to coordinate with your outfits? As I always feel compelled to mention in these posts, I’m single and without children, so I’ve never had to make these decisions for myself, which makes your input in the comments all the more important.

If I was looking to spend a little money on a fun diaper bag right now, though, the Kate Spade Union Square Stevie Baby Bag would be a strong contender – it’s patterned to hide wear but not too girly, and animal prints (particularly those involving black) look right at home in my wardrobe. (more…)

Kate Moss, handbag designer? That’s what Longchamp seems to think. The longtime face of the French brand has recently debuted a mini-collection of her own under their label, and I think her handbags perfectly demonstrate an important fashion principle: not everyone that has great personal style is cut out to be a designer.

Of course, it’s questionable how much involvement Moss really had in bags like the Kate Moss for Longchamp Zebra Pony Polonchon Gloste Tote, but either way, they’re not all that impressive. It’s not that they’re bad, but they’re almost too devoid of personality to even be notable, was there not a famous name attached. Somehow, even this zebra print is looking a bit dull. (more…)

One thing that a lot of designers seem to have a very hard time doing is creating a bag that is both expensive-looking and covered in animal print. It’s not surprising since animal print is historically “tacky chic” at best, and at worst, just plain tacky. Getting past the initial “eww, is that zebra?” thought is a difficult sell for a lot of handbag customers in particular, since most people prefer their expensive bags to be neutral and timeless.

Somehow, though, the Roger Vivier Zebra Tote manages to look luxurious and chic in a traditional way, while still being boldly and obviously animal print. How did the designer pull it off? I have a theory, of course. (more…)

Jimmy Choo Conti Snakeskin Shoulder Bag

Hey, Jimmy Choo. Listen and listen good. You’re trying too hard. (more…)

Fendi Sequin and Calf Hair Shoulder Bag
I’ve been more than a little critical of Fendi for quite a while now, but between their Spring 2010 runway show earlier this week and the Fendi Calfhair and Sequin Shoulder Bag that we see here, I’ve got to give credit where credit is due: they’re finally doing some fantastically interesting things with their handbag line. (more…)

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