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Can we just not do this? Please? Pretty please? I would really love it if we cold all ignore any brand that tries to convince us that fanny packs are a good idea. We spent all of the 80s learning how ugly they are, and it would be a shame to throw away all of that knowledge when we’ll surely just come to the same conclusion again.

I find the Zambos + Siega Parker Pouch offensive on many fronts. First, it’s a fanny pack, which means it’s supposed to be worn at the widest point on a woman’s body, adding bulk and awkwardness to nearly any outfit. Second, it’s a very small PVC bag that costs $100, and that’s irritating in basically any context. That it’s a $100 fanny pack makes it even worse. (more…)

Folks, we have a winner. The Zambos & Siega Whitney Bag is an absolutely fabulous bag that would get quite a bit of use. This large tote is beyond perfect for so many things. I am constantly switching up my day-to-day bags because I can’t decide how big of a bag I might want to carry that day. Anyone else feel the same way? (more…)

While yesterday I was on a metallics kick, today I can’t seem to get enough of exotics. With only so many materials to pick from, I guess it shouldn’t really be a surprise that I go on kicks like this. The tote I wrote about earlier today is great for day to day use while this Zambos & Siega Python Peggy Clutch is the perfect exotic for a night out on the town. (more…)

I’ve always liked Zambos & Siega bags. But that’s it- I just liked them, nothing more or less. But that all changed once I took a peek at this Zambos & Siega Kimberly Clutch. You see, I’m not a big clutch girl. I own no bags of this style, and for nighttime I often reach for tiny crossbody bags.

But recently I’ve been overcome by a desire to own a clutch which has led me to online window-shop into late hours of the night in search of the one clutch that would serve me well. So it was lucky for me that Shopbop posted this clutch, this small package or rectangular goodness. I’d prefer the leather not be faux, but the wrinkled look works so well that I almost fooled myself into thinking it could be an exotic while looking at the minuscule preview photo. (more…)

Zambos & Siega Lulu Clutch If you are a rocker chic or love the rocker chic look, do we have a clutch for you! The Zambos & Siega Lulu Clutch is a breath of fresh rocker chic air in this fringe and stud infested world. Don’t get me wrong, I am all for fringe and studs, but it is nice to see a change of pace.

Pebbled faux grey leather has metal ring detailing and tiered chains at the front of the bag. Since the ring detailing and tiered chains are just at the front of the bag I think it looks fabulous. If this detailing was on the front and the back I don’t think I would be as much of a fan. The antiqued brass hardware looks great against the grey material. This is an ideal clutch to grab if you are looking to add a bit of flare to your outfit without going over the top. Buy through Shopbop for $121.

On first examination, I really, really like the Zambos & Siega Twiggy Clutch. The lines are extremely clean and sophisticated, the shape is easy to hold, and the color is versatile and more unexpected and fresh than black. I particularly love the way that the white between the embossed scales bleeds into the dark grey of the scales themselves – it makes the finish all the more eye-catching and is an effect that’s not used nearly enough.

Zambos & Siega Twiggy Clutch

On second examination, though, I’m irritated. This bag, like the last bag from Zambos & Siega that I reviewed, is not real leather. The price is low for a high-end clutch, but not low enough to justify using a fake material. If I wanted a vinyl bag, I could easily find one for a fraction of the price at Target or Forever 21. From a brand that expects to charge this much, I want more than PVC, even if that means a slight increase in the price. I’d much rather have the real thing and pay extra for it. Buy through ShopBop for $65.

Zambos & Siega Brooke BagWe’ve talked before about how consumers decide how much they’d be willing to spend on a non-leather bag. When we say “non-leather,” we’re usually talking about canvas, linen, woven straw, or some other kind of material that originates in nature. What about a fake leather bag, though? Most high-end retailers don’t stock much faux leather, so it’s something we don’t consider often. When I saw the Zambos & Siega on ShopBop, however, I was surprised to read that it was not only faux python, but entirely faux – as in not really leather.

In the matter of a few words, I went from thinking the price point was extremely fair to thinking that this bag was kind of a ripoff. If I wanted fake embossed PVC, I know exactly where to get it: Target. And it costs $19, not over $100. At least in the case of a canvas or straw bag, you’re getting REAL canvas or REAL straw, not a synthetic material masquerading as something naturally beautiful. So, ladies, I can’t help but tell you to stay far, far away from this one. Buy through ShopBop for $121.

Sometimes during the summer, I want something over-the-top. I want some complicated, colorful, and statement-making. Other times, though, I just want something season-appropriate to carry my junk while my outfit does the talking (I am, after all, a big fan of patterned summer dresses). In those instances, something like the Zambos & Siega Brigitte Oversized Clutch is perfect. At 14 inches wide, it’s plenty large to hold everything you could need to put into it, and it’s got a convenient handle for carrying during the daytime.

Zambos & Siega Brigitte Oversized Clutch

Straw is one of those magical fabrics that, when carried during the correct time of year, matches whatever with which it is paired. A good straw clutch will get you a long way during warm weather and is essential for anyone that goes out often at night. A lot of bigger-name brands will charge you hundreds of dollars for one, but there’s really no reason to pay all that – this adorable one is available through ShopBop for a mere $130.

Zambos & Siega Mini Downtown BagI don’t know what’s going on in the rest of the country, but in Athens, Georgia, it’s finally spring! The sun is shining, the birds are chirping, I have an ice cream date for this week and a brand new green dress for St. Patrick’s Day. YES! I have been waiting since October for this very feeling, even though I guarantee that in a few months’ time, I’ll be right back here complaining about the stifling humidity and whining that I want to wear my sweaters again. But for right now, SPRING is all I can think about! Spring dresses, spring shoes, and particularly spring BAGS. And the Zambos & Siega Mini Downtown bag screams warm weather to me. In some ways, I prefer the bags that come out at this time of year to the cold-weather bags – they’re usually lighter and designers can take more liberty with the types of materials that they use. This Zambos & Siega bag is made out of woven fabric draped from a cute, unique metal handle and its shape reminds me of the flounce of a skirt’s hem. At a mere $209, this bag seems like kind of a no-brainer to me. It’s a cute color that would look adorable with a warm-weather dress and probably be light as a feather to carry. So what are you waiting for? Buy through Shop Bop $209.