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3.1 Phillip Lim Fur Front Leather Racer Bag.jpg

Designers like Fendi, The Row and Tom Ford all put great emphasis on fur during their Fall 2013 collections, both in ready-to-wear or accessories. For me, though, it was this 3.1 Phillip Lim Fur Front …

Can you guys give us some privacy, please? Felix Rey and I are having a moment. I almost always love the sparkly, witty, slightly off-kilter (in a good way) bags that the brand puts out, put I am particularly enamored with the Felix Rey Sequin Bow Clutch.

There’s something about the combination of sequins and fuchsia that just makes say YES, PLEASE. Maybe it’s my latent David Bowie-fandom, or maybe it’s the drag queen inside of me that’s raring to get out. Or maybe, just possibly, it’s the fact that the brand’s designers managed to take loud material and make it not only socially acceptable, but also pretty. (more…)

Do you remember a few years back where wristlets were all the rage? Well, maybe it was just during my college years and maybe said rage is still going strong. (Those of you in college, feel free to update me.) At this point, I am not really in the market for a wristlet, but I won’t shy away when I come across one.

Hype handbags, as new as you may be to them, almost always boast some lovely leather. It is great to see that no matter how large or small the bag, the quality of leather isn’t sacrificed. I’ve noticed some lesser-known handbag lines that seem to practically use leather swatches on their small bags in order to save a dime. Note to said designers, never compromise on quality, despite the size of the bag. (more…)

Donna Karan Goatskin Loop Pouch I am having one of those moments. I keep staring at the Donna Karan Goatskin Loop Pouch knowing that I have seen something familiar from another designer, knowing that I featured it on Purse Blog previously. For the life of me I can not remember and can not find it when searching. So on a random note, whoever finds what I am talking about gets a virtual cookie!

Back to this Donna Karan pouch. Can I just say that I adore it? Hands free is so integral and having a loop pouch does the trick magnificently. I love the rocker edge given to this bag with the metal zipper. I don’t doubt that the goatskin is amazingly supple as well. Once you slide this on your wrist, you are good to go. Dimensions are 7″W X 8″H X 3″D. I love this design! Come on designers, hop onto the wristlet wagon, it is a fun ride. Buy through Saks for $695.

Marc by Marc Jacobs Owl WristletIn all honesty, whimsy isn’t really my thing. Not just in fashion, but in any kind of art, music, literature, or film. I didn’t watch many cartoons as a kid and I’ve always hated science fiction and fantasy in books and movies. So cutesy little things really aren’t my shtick, but I still love the Marc by Marc Jacobs Owl Wristlet, in spite of myself.

I also loved the Marc by Marc Jacobs Flights of Fancy shopper from the same line, and for the very reasonably price of $98, I’m considering adding one of these adorable little wristlets to my collection. Not that I’m sure what I’d use it for, or what I’d wear it with, or how much it can hold, because I’m not. But the layering is so cute (it kind of reminds me of South Park characters) and the materials so clever that I can hardly restrain myself. Buy through ShopBop for $98.

I roundly dismiss brown as a color for handbags on most occasions, but there actually is a shade of brown that I almost always like. It’s a medium color, slightly distressed, with a tiny bit of an orange undertone to it and a little variation in the leather itself. It’s lighter than chocolate and darker than tan – it’s widely known as ‘whiskey,’ I believe, and far be it from me to turn down anything named after booze.

Junior Drake isabella Wristlet

The Junior Drake Isabelle Wristlet is a perfect example of the kind of brown that has a little home in my heart. It has a slightly boho feel without treading in “hippie” territory and the pintucked quilting detail is spot-on and so chic. It would be perfect for a slightly more casual night out when an austere, dressy black clutch won’t do. I can’t even imagine a shade of denim with which this wouldn’t look perfect. Buy through Bluefly for $139.

Marc by Marc Jacobs Classic Q Wristlet

I. Want. A. Wristlet. I want a wristlet! And when it comes to actually PURCHASING things of this nature, I am woefully indecisive until something just HITS me over the head and it becomes totally obvious that, yes, that is what I shall purchase. I spent a day last week scoping out handbags at one of the better malls in Atlanta, and of all the wristlets I saw (and there were many, I assure you), the winner has got to be the Marc by Marc Jacobs Classic Q Wristlet.

The leather is the same soft and wonderful kind that’s used in the rest of the bags in the Q line, it’s big enough to put my Blackberry in (and my Blackberry takes up more than a bit of space, mind you), and the wrist strap is long enough to slide easily over my hand (I was shocked at how many wristlets had straps so tiny that I had to fight to get them on – my hands aren’t that big!). And that’s all I really need or want in a wristlet – it’s supposed to be simple and inconspicuous, hold only the essentials, and be easy enough to get on and off of my wrist. So, check, check, and check. Ladies and gentlemen, we have a winner. Buy through Saks for $168.