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Let’s start with the positives on the MZ Walace Bea Shoulder Tote, shall we? Well, first, I love the color. Deep purple-wine colors are always a massive winner with me, and having them on a material that’s not leather allows the bag to have a depth of color that few bags made of any kind of animal skin will ever achieve. Burgundy makes a great substitute for a boring, neutral brown bag and can be worn with just as many things, and the pleating gives the bag a lot of texture that would otherwise be missing with nylon as the main material.

MZ Wallace Bea Shoulder Tote

Now, to the less fortunate aspects. The stamped-croc tan trim looks super cheap juxtaposed with the nylon, and although I don’t think it adds that much to the bag, I’m having a hard time thinking of something that would be better. Maybe a gunmetal leather? It would certainly look more modern. And as always, I take issue with a nylon bag being in the several-hundred-dollar price range. Nylon is, by definition, cheap and plentiful. There’s no need to charge so much for it. Buy through Luna Boston for $385.

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