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Virginia Johnson Giant Construction ToteThis is another one of those bags that I looked at and immediately loved, perhaps against my better judgment. It’s just silly, which is probably why I like it; we all need some silliness occasionally, even in a bag. Normally, if a bag looks like it was sponge-painted in a preschool classroom, that’s probably a negative thing. But with the Virginia Johnson Giant Construction Tote, I actually kind of adore it.

For some purposes, you just don’t need a bag that’s serious and dour, but that doesn’t mean you want something that’s poorly constructed. It’s pretty rare to see a fun canvas tote that someone actually took the time to line, but the folks at Virginia Johnson did just that with this one. As a result, it’s got more structure and bulk to it than other, similar totes and will probably stand up better to being used at school or at the beach. And we all loved sponge-painting as kids, right? I know I did. Buy through Shop Bop for $165.

Virginia Johnson Crisscross Hemp Oversized ToteSitting in Starbucks, I saw a type of bag that literally had not ever crossed my mind before: a canvas with leather trim. I know what some of you may be thinking “Ew, canvas? That’s so granola.” But be open for a moment and take a gander at the Virginia Johnson Oversize Hemp Tote.

Made of hemp, which has the appearance of being canvas, this bag makes eco-friendly look fashionable. Unlike many clothes and accessories that are touted as being eco-friendly while proclaiming that the consumer won’t know the difference between that item and a non-green one, Virginia Johnson uses nature in her work.

She is inspired by nature; the sea foam green crisscross pattern is modern and organic, simple but sophisticated. And the leather trim, it makes it so the bag does not look too granola-y. Buy through Shopbop for $282.