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vbh alligator clutch Call me naive, but when I began to truly delve into the world of exotic skin handbags I did not realize the plethora of treatments and finishes used to differentiate one exotic skin from the next. I am the proud owner of an alligator Hermes Kelly Wallet which features a matte finish rather than shiny. But there is a completely different treatment process for croc and alligator that I yearn after, which leaves the exotic skin with a suede effect. Bottega Veneta is a brand that carries out this process immaculately. The Bottega Veneta artisans soak the skin in water, then finish the treatment by pounding it out and then hand brushing each scale (surely like other brands do when adding this effect to a bag). This leaves the skin with a suede feeling which is like no other. The sueded alligator still offers the volume and dimension with a silky smooth touch.

vbh alligator clutch I have not seen this done by VBH before, a brand that is known for their clutches, but the VBH Alligator Compact Clutch garners all attention with its regal violet suede alligator skin. The design of the clutch is rather simple, featuring a rectangular compact shape with contrast trim. The inside lining offers a glimmer of sparkle and a VBH plaque. The outside speaks for itself, amassing an understanding of elegance in its own right. I do not own an alligator sueded bag but I would love to, and will continue my search. Buy through Net A Porter for $3,600.

*Please note, due to shipping restrictions we are not able to ship this item outside of the EU.*

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