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Vanessa Bruno is sort of like the Kylie Minogue of handbags. She enjoys a high profile and wide popularity in Europe (France in particular), but when it comes to the American market, she’s more of a face in the crowd than a consumer force to be reckoned with. That doesn’t say anything about the quality of either woman’s product – it’s just how things have happened so far.

With the opening of a new store in Los Angeles and the debut of handbags like the Vanessa Bruno Athe Grande Besace Bag, Bruno is clearly trying to amp up her US presence and win new North American customers. Will it work? That remains to be seen. (more…)

We all know how lovely the Bottega Veneta intrecciato woven bags are, but a lot of people feel like the brand’s simple good looks don’t fit their personal style. I can’t blame anyone for wanting something more, and while Bottega has been doing a fine job of mixing up their aesthetic recently, I’ve got a woven alternative for people that like something a little funkier.

The Vanessa Bruno Fringe Sack is full of bohemian texture and visual interest in a way that might be a little much for people that prefer Bottega’s more traditional bags, but it might be perfect for people that like to make a statement. I think that we all know, at this point, that a statement is what I prefer. (more…)

One of my fashionista friends has frequently said that you can tell a true hipster from a not-so-true hipster by peeking at his or her bag. The rules are as follows: if the bag is genuinely worn and old, the hipster is truly hipster. If the bag is actually new, probably designer, but means to look vintage, then the wearer is not a genuine hipster (extra points for head-to-toe American Apparel). Now, I don’t mean to insult hipsters at all, but this Vanessa Bruno Un Tote immediately made me think of my friend’s rule. (more…)

My first trip to Paris, I noticed that many of the girls were carrying shrunken canvas totes with sequins on the handles. Upon my return home, I did some research and discovered that those totes were Vanessa Bruno creations. With the Vanessa Bruno Grand Cabas tote, the designer continues that original vision of simplicity.

However, this tote is suede. Yes, you read correctly. The entirety of this deceptively quiet tote is made of that fabulously soft and thick material, that material which is simultaneously rustic and luxe. Add on silver grommets in the place of those sequins, and we’ve got a stylized, tougher version of the ballerina chic original canvas bags. (more…)

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