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You know what’s really hard to do? Make a black leather clutch interesting in any way. Most of us, particularly those of us that make regular use of clutches, have seen a million and a half of them in our lives, owned a bunch of them, and are assaulted by another couple of dozen every time we enter a department store’s handbag section. They’re somewhat of a wardrobe essential for a girl with a social life, but finding one that isn’t totally “blah” can be, at times, a challenge. Which is why I like the Vanessa Bruno Fringe Pouchette. It DOES remind me a bit of the Katherine Kwei bags that we covered about a year ago, and maybe it reminds me of them a little TOO much, but I’m willing to overlook it.

Vanessa Bruno Fringe Pouchette

It’s so hard to find a black clutch that isn’t just like every other black clutch I’ve ever seen that I’m willing to live with it if it just looks like one other bag. The Fringe Pouchette has an optional shoulder strap (which I love on clutches but hate on basically every other bag, ever) and also a cutout handle, plus the cute fringe detail covering the body if the bag. I’d definitely choose this over one of the zillions of flat black envelope clutches I see. Buy through ShopBop for $640.