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Oh my gosh. I want, no, scratch that, I need this bag. I am absolutely 100% in love with the Tulah Ray Split Flap Messenger Bag. In no way am I trying to get rid of the summer, but with New York Fashion Week around the corner, I cannot help but get excited for the fall. And hey, with the change of seasons comes the change of my handbag rotation! (more…)

I almost passed this handbag by. It is true, as I was pursuing Bluefly this morning I came across this bag and almost skipped right to the next one. Yet, there was something alluring about this bag. The Tulah Ray Hirst Large Hobo has some amazing pebbled leather that is bound to feel down-right fabulous.

Tulah Ray Hirst Large Hobo

I wasn’t sure if the detailing along the front and back of the bag was made out of. But, upon reading more about the bag, I found that it is metal detailing, which for some reason, I kind of like. My only mini issue would be extreme temperatures. Imagine if you leave that bag out in direct sunlight then go to pick it up, would you burn your arm? Other than that, I love the color and really enjoy the extra thought that went into the braided handles. Buy through Bluefly for $368.