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Sigh. I really, really, really wish this image was a bit better. The Treesje Hendrix Shoulder Bag is actually a fabulous bag but the image doesn’t do it enough justice. But, let’s try and forget the image itself and let’s just focus on the bag. First and foremost, I love the color of the bag. The polished wine colored leather looks fabulous on this shoulder bag. However, I do have a question as to why Treesje decided to call this a shoulder bag. (more…)

Halloween is approaching quickly. It is one of my favorite holidays. I love seeing people en route to a costume party or just running an errand dressed in full Halloween attire. The creativity of the costumes seen on San Francisco streets is an inspiration to behold. Many of the costumes seen on Halloween are extremely ornate and beautiful or shockingly frightening. I may not be dressing up in my traditional costume ball attire this year, but I do have my eye on some spooky clothing and skull inspired handbags to join in the frightening fun on October 31st. (more…)

For the past, oh, let’s say seven minutes, I’ve been scrutinizing this photo. And because I blog, it is only natural that I put my feelings and thoughts into a post for your enjoyment. Now, I love Treesje, I really do. The brand always seems to capture a cool, haging-off-your-shoulder-slouchy kind of feel that I absolutely adore. But this Treesje Stone Marley Mini Leather Tote? Eh. (more…)

Treesje Jovi Bag

The popularity of Gossip Girl fashion-watching can make or break a bag that appears on the show, and it’s been a while since a bag has stood out as much as the teal Treesje Jovi Bag that Serena sported last night with her navy blue outfit. We saw paparazzi pics of it a few weeks ago and I couldn’t wait to see it in action on the show, and now I just want one even more.

If you want to add it to your collection too, the teal that Serena had is hard to track down, but you can grab it in black via Luna Boston for $368.

Lately, in my mind, Treesje can do no wrong. They use nice leather, their bags are functional yet stylish, they’re priced reasonably and they made a line of swoon-worthy skull bags that turned me into a life-long fan, no matter what.

My latest Treesje obsession? The Treesje Divino Grande Satchel. (more…)

Georgina has the best wardrobe in all of Gossip Girl. Hers is the one that’s least costume-like; perhaps since she’s so evil, it’s more important for her to look as normal as possible. At any rate, I’d wear pretty much anything she’s ever sported during the series’ three seasons.

And last night, I spied the Treesje Dylan Tote swinging from her arm. (more…)

There’s nothing I love more than a good sale. In all my years of handbag adoration, I’ve only ever paid full price for a handbag once, and it was one that I had lusted after for a year and thought was gone forever. When I happened to find it, I couldn’t help but plunk down the MSRP, and I never regretted it.

But when you’re not looking for any bag in particular, just something to spruce up your wardrobe and complete a few outfits, sale prices are a godsend. If you find your self in that situation currently, take a look at this fabulous price on the beautiful Treesje Sebastian Bag. (more…)

Treesje Poppy HoboFall handbags are in full swing and I am in heaven. For those of you who live in places that actually get all four seasons of the year, are you having a cooler week? I continuously get emails, calls and texts from friends who are saying how crisp the air has felt this week. I shouldn’t complain, San Diego weather is fabulous, but I would be lying if I said I wasn’t a bit envious. Fall might be my all time favorite time of the year and I need a scrumptious handbag to carry during these months! (more…)

This is the first week of school here in Athens, Georgia. We are, of course, home of the University of Georgia and, since it’s mid-August, it’s time for the 35,000 students to show back up in town, like the swallows to Capistrano. Or something. It also means that I practically get a free post: it’s time to write about my favorite school bag of the season! These kinds of things write themselves, folks.

And this year, there is little to no competition. The Treesje Mortale Travel Tote is easily my favorite and definitely what I would be carrying, were I to be hauling my rear end up and down the nearly two-mile-long, hill-laden campus that resides mere minutes away. (more…)

This is what I like about the Treesje Asher Mini Satchel: the color. It’s not too teal-y, but has just the right amount of green so it’s not too turquoise-y, either. It’s the perfect shade that looks great with the gold hardware-if it was just a tad lighter, it would cross into turquoise territory, which might require silver hardware. This is what I thought I didn’t like about the satchel when I first saw it: the half-moon shape of the outside zippered compartments. But then I warmed up to that quite easily. (more…)

I’m a big fan of gunmetal hardware in almost all instances. In fact, the color in general is one of my absolute favorites in many respects and I love how it goes with such a wide variety of other colors and patterns. I don’t love it on the Treesje Dylan Tote, however, which is a shame since it’s such a beautiful bag overall.

Treesje Dylan Tote

Because of the dark and varying shade of the wine-colored leather, it seems to me that a distressed silver or brushed nickel would have given the bag a bit more contrast and brought out the fine details even more. The bag’s studs almost get lost because of the small tonal difference between the leather and the hardware, and I’d love to see them come out a bit more. Don’t let my criticism mask the fact that I think the bag is beautiful overall, though. It looks like it would be a great shoulder bag that you could use every day, I would just change that one detail. Buy through Luna Boston for $595.

Studded HandbagsInfuse a little rock glam into your look with a studded clutch handbag. This trend combines black leather of various textures with stud details for added embellishment with an edge. We are loving the various applications of chrome and even black on black studs.The “Moto” clutch from Botkier resembles a mini biker jacket translated into a clutch with its zippers, studs and flyaway tasseled zipper pulls. The Kettle peace clutch sends a summer of love vibe with a peace sign onto an envelope design with zipper closure.

Taking studs to the max, Sonia Rykiel covers one entire side of her clutch with circular studs and tops it off with a tassel zipper pull. The Burberry studded plates clutch is a bit more subtle with an elongated zip clutch touting black on black studs for a more subtle translation of this handbag trend. The Treesje London clutch combines shiny patent leather and touts a cool graphic edge with randomly placed round flat studs. Pair any of these studded clutches with a pair of destroyed skinny jeans, loose oversized tee and cage sandals for cutting edge look. Or to dress up your evening look, a LBD would complement a black leather studded clutch as well.

Shown here from top left clockwise:
Botkier Moto Clutch, $395 at Zappos.
Kettle Black Studded Peace Clutch, $136.50 Sale at ShopBop.
Sonia Rykiel Studded Leather Clutch, $400 at Net-a-Porter.
Burberry Women’s Studded Plates Leather Clutch, $556.50 at Bloomingdales.
Treesje London Clutch in Black Patent, $106 at Revolve Clothing.

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