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Vanessa Minillo Silver Metro ClutchI know I mentioned it before, but last year I had the chance to meet lovely and talented Laura and Sheila of Treesje. Their combination of creativity, business savvy, wit and charm were instantly picked up on. As I walked into their office, I sat down and felt instantly at ease. After a few minutes it was as if I was talking to friends I’ve known for years. The story behind how their brand got started and morphed into what it is today is classic. They met at the wedding of a mutual friend, became friends, became co-founders, launched a brand, and have been making customers happy and eager to carry their bags ever since. In fact, you might remember the initial Treesje Interview we brought you a while back. Since then, Treesje has continued to grow and expand. (more…)

Treesje Mortale Tote GrandeEver take a look at a bag and think to yourself, “Self, why in the world do I like this?” Well, that’s what I thought when I laid eyes on the Treesje Mortale Tote Grande. I had a punk phase in high school, so as an adult, I’ve never been a big fan of the ironic skulls fashion thing. Not when Alexander McQueen did it, not when Thomas Wylde did it, not ever. I didn’t hate it, but I felt like my time to wear skulls had passed, and I needed a more subtle nod to my previous self to incorporate into my wardrobe. And I also don’t like pictures of things on bags – I normally find it distracting and a cop-out for a designer that couldn’t think of anything interesting to do without drawing pictures. And yet, as I said. I like this bag a lot, and I’m trying to put my finger on exactly why that is. It’s a pretty standard, functional shape. The color is nice – gunmetal is a great neutral and the bit of glam shine gives it a little something, I think. Treesje usually uses really chewy, soft leather, too, so I bet it would be great to touch. And there are little macabre skulls all over it, which I had thought I had grown out of…but maybe not. And the whole effect is sort of tone-on-tone, so maybe it’s possible to have a bag that SUBTLY has skulls all over it? Honestly, I’m not sure. But I am sure that I like it. For some reason. Buy through Luna Boston for $498.

Treesje AsherWe are winding down our Valentine’s Day interviews. We hope that you’ve all enjoyed what we’ve had to bring as much as we’ve enjoyed providing the content for you! Today, we have some great answers from some great designers over at Treesje. Sheila Dardashti and Laura Darrah provided some Valentine’s Day insight for you to enjoy below.

What is your most memorable Valentine’s Day? The most memorable Valentines day we both can remember is our pre-children days. We took our husbands Chris and Page on an ultra lavish trip to Bali. Where we had candle lit dinners on the shore, Couple massage after a few bottles of wine (which we highly recommend), long days at Kuta beach and we top it off with a romantic stay in the Ubud rainforest.

Valentine’s Day, over-rated, over-hyped, or exactly as it should be and why? We both feel that Valentine’s Day is exactly as it should be as girls NEED to be spoiled by their honey’s!!

What are your plans for Valentine’s Day this year? Laura and I have dates with the new “loves” of our lives;sheila’s little Joelle ( 3 month) and laura’s little Hawkens (3 months)!!! Our husbands both have special days planned to spoil us!! As it is much needed;..we will keep you posted with the details!!!

What is the best Treesje gift for Valentine’s Day? Why? The best gift for Valentine’s day is the Asher in Fushia and the Hendrix in black shine;. These are laura and I favorite bags of the season. We love the texture of this ultra luxe shined lamb skin. Another bonus of these bags are that they are a perfect combination of casual and edgy bag that can be worn from day to night.

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Everyone loves a sale, right? Of course. Bluefly just posted their extra 20% discount on tons of great stuff for President’s Day. Either head straight to the sale or read on for a few of my picks on the best bags available. (more…)

There are moments when I just want to be totally girlie. Do you know what I mean? But, now that I am a “grown up” I can’t just put on all sorts of ruffles to fulfill my girlie side. Instead, I look to my handbags. The Treesje Avery Satchel shows how you can be girlie and sophisticated. You can wear a sophisticated or minimalistic outfit and let this handbag do all the talking. White glossy textured patent leather is topped off with goldtone hardware. And actually, I was a little surprised at myself. I don’t usually like ruffles, but here, the ruffles work. Tiered ruffle trim along the front and back of the handbag results in a handbag for the girlie girl. But like I said before, I can see someone wearing a sleek outfit then grabbing this to add a little frill to everything. A strap over top with turnlock closure secures everything nicely. Fabric lining with zip and cell phone pockets can be found once you open the main zip closure with snap-close ends. What do you think? Too many ruffles or just right? Buy through Bluefly for $423.

I’ve been lucky enough to meet a few of our Savvy designers including the ladies at Treesje. I know I am always excited to learn more about emerging designers and their lines. As Treesje bags continue to garner attention, I was thrilled to see the Treesje Hudson Large Hobo. Honestly, the first thought that comes to mind with this bag is chic. And as much as I love the deep and dark colors of the fall, I love when designers incorporate the golden hues that, in my mind, tend to be forgotten. For those of you who are experiencing the gorgeous changing colors of the leaves, you know what I am talking about. One of the most beautiful things about the Fall can be admiring the amazing crispness in the air and the impeccable color show the trees put on.

Either way, the yellow, soft pleated leather is a perfect combination for this bag. Since the pleating of the leather goes in different directions, I think the bag looks more textured and, well, fun. Then, add the braided shoulder strap and adjustable side buckles and the bag really comes together. The hobo has fabric lining with zip and cell phone pockets. I can’t express how important I think pockets are with larger bags like this one. Wouldn’t this hobo be perfect to tote around with your favorite Fall colored sweater? And for those of you like me who live in places where the climate is pretty warm year-round, fear not. Pair this hobo with a Fall colored tank top and get the same Fall look, just without as much fabric! Personally, I think it is a hit. Buy through Bluefly for $342.90.

You know what, sometimes I just like to feel pretty. I want to have pretty clothes, a pretty handbag and pretty shoes. Sure, I’ve said before that I really look for the functionality factor in a handbag, and don’t get me wrong, I do, but from time to time the only thing I care about is finding a new pretty bag to add to my collection. Well, I certainly lucked out here with Treesje. Megs and Vlad had the chance to interview designers Laura Darrah and Sheila Nazarian while not too long ago I had the opportunity to meet them while I was out in LA. Not only do I love the handbags, but also think the world of the designers. These ladies are smart, approachable, talented and fun. It is important to them that they provide handbags which are both functional and beautiful. The Treesje Luna Bag is fabulous. It is large enough to tote around during the day and chic enough to use during a night out on the town. The inside is fully lined and has cell phone/PDA holders, a zipper pocket and a key hook. I love the distressed champagne color, but if you are looking for something different, the bag comes in three other colors. Buy through Treesje for $685.