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While working on a feature about beach bags that you guys will see soon, I came across the Jeremy Scott for Longchamp Paradise Tote and decided that I liked it so much that it deserves its own brief spotlight. At first blush, Longchamp, staid French manufacturer of the conservative, incredibly popular Le Pliage nylon totes, and Jeremy Scott, a cult-favorite British designer with a flair for the graphic and absurd, seem like incredibly strange bedfellows. Over several years of seasonal collaboration, though, the duo has proven that fun and traditionalism don’t have to be mutually exclusive. (more…)

Ok, so maybe this is actually cheetah print, as the play on words in the name of the pattern implies. That’s just a technicality, and the word “cheetah” didn’t fit nicely within the alliteration of this post’s title, and I’m not sure I could tell the difference anyway. Although I’m pretty sure that there is a difference (besides the obvious fact that cheetahs and leopards are different animals).

Anyway, now that we have that cleared up, let’s discuss the bag. I have travel on my mind lately, and the LeSportsac Cheater Passerby Bag seems like a good way to keep it there. (more…)

With the not-so-subtle militaristic undertones that have been pervading certain sectors of the fashion industry for the past several seasons, I have to wonder why we haven’t seen more backpacks. They seem to making headway now and will likely be a full-fledged Thing once the gleam is off the mini crossbody trend, but it’s kind of surprising that things like the Marc by Marc Jacobs new Army Handhack Backpack haven’t been cropping up more often.

This is, of course, not the first backpack that we’ve covered. In fact, I loved Alexander Wang’s take on the shape as much as I’ve loved any backpack since, say, 1996. But if you’re unsure of the rend and don’t want to spend all that much money (or, alternatively, if you’d like to actually use the thing as a school bag), the Marc by Marc Jacobs version might be more your speed. (more…)