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Sometimes an It Bag comes along, and I just completely don’t understand why anyone cares about it. I look at lots of bags every day, and usually the cream rises to the top – the really good bags are the ones that build huge celebrity and non-celebrity followings. Usually, at least. And then there are times that I wonder if so many celebs are seen with particular bags just because the designer sent freebies to everyone that has ever acted, posed, or been on reality tv. Sadly, I think that might be the case with the Tracy Zych Medium Edie Bag.

Tracy Zych Medium Edie Bag

Don’t get me wrong, it seems ok – it’s real leather and all that. But there’s just no *pop* for me. It seems really average, and some of the details, like the handle attachment, seemed a bit cheap and/or unsophisticated. It doesn’t have a great deal of personality to me, and the shape seems kind of awkward. So why are all the celebrities, who have their pick of zillions of amazing handbags, wearing it? I couldn’t really tell you, but maybe there’s more there than meets the eye. Buy through Singer22 for $575.