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Congrats to Kelly and Joanna Smith!! You are our Tory Burch winners

We brought you news of the Tory Burch and Leanna Shapton Valentine’s Day Collaboration. And after sharing the items with you, we thought it would only be fitting to feature an exclusive interview with famed fashion designer Tory Burch. Not only do we find out more about the collaboration, but we have the pleasure of getting a peek into the personal life of Tory Burch.

Tory Burch was able to find a few minutes in her hectic schedule and answer some questions exclusively for PurseBlog. Along with that, Tory Burch will be giving away two items from the line below. Remember to shop the Tory Burch Valentine’s Day Collaboration via Tory Burch online! (more…)

Valentine’s Day is around the corner and I am thrilled! Not only am I a sucker for a day devoted to telling those close to you that you love them, but also my anniversary is a week later. February really is a month filled with love. One of our favorite designers, Tory Burch, teamed up with renowned artist Leanne Shapton to design an exclusive collection of items for Valentine’s Day. The collection is made up of cosmetic cases, totes and pajama sets. (more…)

I am going to be perfectly honest here. At first I really just wanted to write about this handbag because of the name, Meagan. Now, I am sure all of you know Megs, my sister whose full name is the long, drawn out Irish version, Meaghan. Although all versions of Megan seem to be pretty popular, there’s always something a little fun about a handbag with your name in it (even if it isn’t spelled exactly the way you spell it). Ok, now that I said that, on to the handbag itself.

The Tory Burch Straw Meagan Tote has me dreaming about summer already. This tote makes me think pools, beaches, boats, mixed drinks and hanging with some of my favorite people. I have to say, although there are always several totes to choose from as the warmer months approach, I can’t always seem to find a bag that suits me. This one does. The straw tote with canvas panels say I am beach ready while the topstitched patent banding and stud detail say I’ll look good at the poolside bar. I am a huge fan of resort totes that don’t seem too beachy or too fancy for the beach – it has to be the perfect combination of the two. I think this tote gets at what I am talking about. What kind of beach tote do you carry? Buy this one through Shop Bop for $450.

Over the weekend we had the chance to meet Tory Burch while she made an appearance at her Bal Harbour store in Miami. It is always great to meet the designer behind the brand. At the same time we were lucky enough to meet one of the creative designers behind the handbag line. Of course we talked shop a bit and I bet this is one of the reasons why the Tory Burch Kerry Resin Clutch popped out when I came across it. Tory Burch handbags always seem to look sleek to me. This handbag is no exception. The resin clutch comes in tile blue and poppy coral. Both of these colors pop and would add a nice splash of color to your outfit. I do like how the clutch looks textured. I can see myself practically strumming it as I carry it. And of course, the clutch is topped off with the ever so recognizable logo medallion. Buy through Shop Bop for $335.