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Over the weekend we had the chance to meet Tory Burch while she made an appearance at her Bal Harbour store in Miami. It is always great to meet the designer behind the brand. At the same time we were lucky enough to meet one of the creative designers behind the handbag line. Of course we talked shop a bit and I bet this is one of the reasons why the Tory Burch Kerry Resin Clutch popped out when I came across it. Tory Burch handbags always seem to look sleek to me. This handbag is no exception. The resin clutch comes in tile blue and poppy coral. Both of these colors pop and would add a nice splash of color to your outfit. I do like how the clutch looks textured. I can see myself practically strumming it as I carry it. And of course, the clutch is topped off with the ever so recognizable logo medallion. Buy through Shop Bop for $335.

Last week while out in LA, after a long day of amazing meetings, I had the chance to hit up a new hot spot for dinner. One of my fabulous contacts over at Luxaholics suggested we check out Shin for dinner, a restaurant they covered not too long ago. The ambiance was amazing and the food was good. For those of you out in the LA area, definitely check it out. But, this post isn’t about the restaurant, it is about the clutch Steph carried, an elegant yet chic Tory Burch Flap Clutch. I almost forgot how much I like the sleek look this clutch boasts. In fact, when we first sat down to eat I could barely keep my eyes off the clutch because, well, I kind of wanted it to be mine! I’m not one for logos slapped all over handbags, but the oversized Tory Burch metal logo medallion is a great accessory and not an eye sore. The glazed leather clutch has a curvy and stylish look and feel to it. Another plus, the clutch isn’t too dressy – you can wear it just as easily with a casual outfit as you can an outfit you might wear out on the town. If you need a little more texture in the clutches you carry, check out the Tory Burch Resin Clutch Megs covered over at Purse Blog. But, get this look through Nordstrom for $295.

Tory Burch is known for her ballet flats (over done but I absolutely love them!). Then there is the casual and comfortable clothing, that I am obsessed with as it is perfect for Florida, and a less known staple but a growing mark from Tory, her handbags. And while many of her handbags only seem fitting for a beach bag, it is the Tory Burch Resin Clutches that have caught my attention recently. There are many major perks to these clutches. First off, you have to be the messiest and most unlucky person in the world to ruin it by spilling anything on it. The clutches will wipe off nearly anything, making them ideal for a bar or any situation where someone may spill (which is indeed often). The size is perfect for your hand hand, 4.5″H x 8″L x 1″D. Then there is the plethora of colors; every option to suit your fancy, just like her Ballet Flats. The look is simple, yet modern with the sleek gleam of resin and ribbed texture. There is a Tory Burch logo medallion on the front and snap closure. I’ll take one!

Tory Burch Provence Pink Resin Clutch | $295 via Shop Bop (more…)