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Gucci Lady Lock Small Bamboo Top Handle
Dolce & Gabbana Miss Dolce Raffia Bags

Rochas Giallo Tote Bag, $1065. Rochas Borsa R18 Sporco Bag, $1695. Both via Saks.

Despite the fact that I have chosen maximalism as my overarching aesthetic theme, I have a healthy respect for those who do minimal and do it well. During the days of Olivier Theyskens, Rochas was never accused of embracing minimalism, but now that the brand’s creative vision has changed hands, the brand’s most widely available foray into handbags yet has lines so straight that my back aches just looking at them. Would you carry something like the Rochas Giallo Tote Bag (left) or the Rochas Borsa R18 Sporco Bag, or do you want your bags to be a little bit more detailed? (more…)

Over the past few days, New York’s hot summer nights felt a bit of a cool down and there was a slight tinge of fall in the air. As a lover of autumn, my excitement level for the coming season multiplied exponentially. I’ve been planning additions to my fall wardrobe for a while, and one of the staples we should all have in our accessories closet is a ladylike frame bag.

Donna Karan is aware of seasonal staples and appears to have designed the Liaison bag with feminine, chic, and efficient ladies in mind. Donna Karan bags follow closely to the brands overall feel, composing of luxe materials in a sculpted and subdued fashion. (more…)

Gucci Python Stirrup Top Handle, $4700 via Saks. Gucci 1973 Python Small Top Handle, $2400 via Saks.

With so many choices in life, it’s somewhat amazing that we don’t all become hermits in the throws of deep existential crises. Skim or 2%? Decaf or regular? Heels or flats? To UGG or not to UGG? Even thinking about it makes me a bit dizzy. And if you’re a fan of python and Gucci python in particular, you’ve got another choice to make for fall – big or small?

The Gucci Python Stirrup Top Handle and Gucci 1973 Python Small Top Handle may be made out of the same yellow-green dyed python, but they sit at opposite ends of the size spectrum. One is a bag big enough for your everyday life, the other is so petite that I’d only advise that you use it for a night out. Which way would you go? (more…)

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