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Last night, we bid farewell to another season of The Rachel Zoe Project, and unlike with most reality show finales, I left feeling warm and fuzzy. When you compare and contrast that to the taste of bile that was left in my mouth after the Real Housewives of New Jersey finale, I found myself wishing that the season ran a little longer.

We did get a final visit with Little Peanut Skyler, though, who is just as adorable and well-dressed and you would expect. In addition, Rachel seemed to be enjoying motherhood just as much, if not more than, she enjoyed being pregnant. It looks like the thing that Rachel needed all along was something important enough to distract her from her work and balance out her life. (more…)

Last night was the day we’ve all been waiting for during this season of The Rachel Zoe Project – it was baby day! A new Zoe-Berman was brought into the world, and although we (mercifully) did not see what happened in the delivery room, we did see the before part and the after part. Skyler, as we all know by now, is adorable. As if anyone ever had any doubts.

The baby wasn’t the only thing that happened, though. There was a giant diamond ring, the brief return of Jeremiah and a cameo by Molly Sims, for whom Joey had to fly to New York. Really, though, all anyone cares about is the baby. And maybe the diamond ring. (I definitely care about the ring.) (more…)

As the result of a rather hasty and informal Twitter poll yesterday, I’ve made the executive decision to recap this season of The Rachel Zoe Project. Although it doesn’t provide as many opportunities for derision and snark as Real Housewives, I’ve always found the series oddly delightful. And that’s so say nothing of the clothes porn.

And so we set out on journey through the…what season is this? Third? Fourth? It doesn’t matter. What matters is that Rachel is knocked up and she’s launching a clothing line, so there’s a whole lot more going on than just the Oscars. (more…)

I’m not sure I’ve ever recapped a show that has had as unsatisfying an ending as this season of The Rachel Zoe Project, except for perhaps the season of Project Runway where that horrible Irina person won. In this finale, though, there were clearly no winners. Including us.

Despite being promised the glamour and clothes porn that goes along with the Met Ball, all we got were a few Marc Jacobs dresses and 40 minutes of baby chatter and relationship issues. Even Anne Hathaway and her perfect hair couldn’t save this episode for me, although she made a herculean effort to do just that. (more…)

It looks as though our lovely relationship with The Rachel Zoe Project is breaking up next week, but we should enjoy it while things last. After all, with awards season ending, we should have seen this coming. The writing was on the wall. I blame myself.

The thing is, we won’t be able to enjoy our last days with this show if the relationship contained therein keeps trying to alienate us. We just want to love you, Rachel and Rodger! Why won’t you let us love you??? Also, if you promise to show us more clothes next week than you did last night, we promise not to make you talk about that whole uncomfortable baby thing again. We swear. (more…)

In case anyone was truly scared, I’ll go ahead and let the cat out of the bag right now: no one went naked to the Oscars on The Rachel Zoe Project last night. No one ever does, but the continued threat that it might actually happen seems to be what literally sustains Rachel and gets her out of bed in the morning.

Dresses were pulled, stars were dressed, Johnny Weir was fabulous, The Rodge was a total and utter buffoon for an hour. In some ways, this show doesn’t change a whole lot from episode to episode. It’s kind of a one-trick pony, but luckily I love that one trick. (more…)

What are we supposed to call the four-week global parade of fabulousity that runs from New York Fashion Week to Paris Fashion Week? The only thing I’ve ever heard it called is “Fashion Month,” and that really doesn’t have much of a ring to it, despite the term’s obvious descriptive accuracy. It needs a new name. Get on that, commenters.

Anyway, whatever that twice-yearly span of time is, Rachel was in the thick of it yet gain for this episode of The Rachel Zoe Project. More gowns were scoped, more tiny disasters avoided and more tranny heels considered. Oh yeah, and Kate Hudson dropped by and was totally charming, and no one said anything about Taylor, and there was something with chicken legs that I’d rather we never spoke of again. (more…)

One of my favorite things about The Rachel Zoe Project is that it’s such a nice palate cleanser after the nastiness of Real Housewives of New Jersey on Monday nights. It’s light, it’s fun and it’s filled with famous people and beautiful clothes. If ever there was a reality TV no-brainer, this show is it.

Last night, we got more cameos from gigantic fashion names like Oscar de la Renta, Donna Karan, Brian Atwood and Francisco Costa. There were beautiful gowns and runway footway clips and sparkles by the gallon. I died. Literally. (more…)

IT’S FASHION WEEK, LADIES. Shows and models and Naomi Campbell, OH MY. Last night on the Rachel Zoe Project, not only were there near-tragedies of the fashion variety, but there were actual tragedies as well, which seemed like slightly unfamiliar territory for the Zoe folks.

In the fashion department, Rachel got a last-minute job styling a huge charity fashion show and New York Fashion Week almost got snowed out, but then a devastating earthquake shook Haiti and Alexander McQueen took his own life and we all got a reminder that fashion is, after all, just fashion. Even when Rachel Zoe is involved. But as the old cliché goes, the show must go on. In this case, the show was Naomi Campbell’s pet project, and you don’t want to be on the receiving end of an unhappy Blackberry smack from her. Blackberries are way heavier and more painful than iPhones. (more…)

As anyone who has watched previous seasons of The Rachel Zoe Project knows, Rachel literally (Rachel’s definition, not the actual definition that exists in objective reality) lives and breathes on awards shows. The first episode of season three was oddly free of any red carpet machinations, but we ran into the Golden Globes face-first last night.

There were gowns! And problems! And late fittings! It’s become clear that this show could exist without any narrative at all, because I think we all really watch to see Rachel’s Birkins and the ridiculous dresses and Brad dancing around and trying on the clothes. They could just do that for an hour every week and I’d still watch, plus they wouldn’t have to worry about heavy-handedly trying to remind us all that Rodger is a football-loving, beer-drinking, straight dudebro. None of us care – more Van Cleef, please. (more…)

Come one, come all to my very first recap of The Rachel Zoe Project! The show debuted its third season last night in a fit of sparkly dresses and fired employees, and it proved once again why it’s the absolute best fashion porn on television. Sorry, Gossip Girl – Rachel Zoe has you beat.

But sky-high shoes and Hermes cuffs aren’t the only things that Rachel Zoe has to offer – this episode had a giraffe. A giraffe on a beach. It also had a scene where Rachel’s husband obsessively watched football, which was almost as unexpected as a giraffe on a beach. (more…)

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