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Last night, we bid farewell to another season of The Rachel Zoe Project, and unlike with most reality show finales, I left feeling warm and fuzzy. When you compare and contrast that to the taste of bile that was left in my mouth after the Real Housewives of New Jersey finale, I found myself wishing that the season ran a little longer.

We did get a final visit with Little Peanut Skyler, though, who is just as adorable and well-dressed and you would expect. In addition, Rachel seemed to be enjoying motherhood just as much, if not more than, she enjoyed being pregnant. It looks like the thing that Rachel needed all along was something important enough to distract her from her work and balance out her life. (more…)

Last night was the day we’ve all been waiting for during this season of The Rachel Zoe Project – it was baby day! A new Zoe-Berman was brought into the world, and although we (mercifully) did not see what happened in the delivery room, we did see the before part and the after part. Skyler, as we all know by now, is adorable. As if anyone ever had any doubts.

The baby wasn’t the only thing that happened, though. There was a giant diamond ring, the brief return of Jeremiah and a cameo by Molly Sims, for whom Joey had to fly to New York. Really, though, all anyone cares about is the baby. And maybe the diamond ring. (I definitely care about the ring.) (more…)

As the result of a rather hasty and informal Twitter poll yesterday, I’ve made the executive decision to recap this season of The Rachel Zoe Project. Although it doesn’t provide as many opportunities for derision and snark as Real Housewives, I’ve always found the series oddly delightful. And that’s so say nothing of the clothes porn.

And so we set out on journey through the…what season is this? Third? Fourth? It doesn’t matter. What matters is that Rachel is knocked up and she’s launching a clothing line, so there’s a whole lot more going on than just the Oscars. (more…)

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