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Marchesa Lily Minaudiere

The smaller the bag, the more embellishment a designer can pile on it without worry that it’ll completely overtake any outfit with which it’s paired. That’s a basic tenet of good handbag design, and designers …

Wedding Clutches

If my Facebook and Instagram feeds from this past weekend are any indication, wedding season has officially arrived. If you’re ill-prepared for the festivities you’ll face over the next few months, you’re probably not alone …

When it comes to buying accessories, beaded evening bags can be some of the most criminally overpriced options on the market. Sure, there are a few brands out there who take the time to hand-set their crystals into some amazing patterns in order to create tiny works of handbag art, but mostly what you see are bags that are machine-made and marked up because consumers expect to pay for sparkle. With an inventive option like the Tasha Mesh-Covered Sequin Evening Bag, though, you won’t have to break the bank for a formal event.

The cool thing about this bag is that even though the sparkle comes from sequins instead of rhinestones, the tonal mesh overlay prevents the bag from getting that overly sequined look, which can sometimes read as cheap. In fact, the neat little rows that the mesh creates mimic the look of rhinestones quite well. (more…)

During the holidays, bag thoughts often turn to clutches of the fun and sparkly variety, but your average shiny evening bag has its downsides. Rhinestones? They come off. Sequins? They snag. Glitter? Glitter sheds, and once it does, it’s like herpes – you’ll never get rid of it. God forbid you should scratch your nose after holding a glittery clutch, because invariably, a speck of glitter will transfer to your face and you’ll be able to see it out of the corner of your eye for the rest of your natural life. Our suggestion? Get something like the Tasha Textured Metal Clutch and never worry about handbag malfunctions again. (more…)