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Tarah Smith Yuppie Bag
Tarah Smith Yuppie Bag

I have a bad habit of trolling shopping websites when I’m bored, irritated, or in need of a distraction. As I sit here watching my beloved Georgia Bulldogs absolutely choke in the second game of the College Baseball World Series, my mind can’t help itself but wander to happier subjects (happier subjects being the acquisition of handbags, natch). I’ve already mentioned my crush on the unattainable (until the pre-orders come in!) Rebecca Minkoff Nikki, so tonight, I had to find something else to strike my fancy and drown my sorrows.

A quick perusal of Revolveclothing.com, one of my usual haunts, gave me what I needed to momentarily forget about my ailing alma mater: the Tarah Smith Yuppie bag. I’m a sucker for patent leather, and this simple satchel delivers in both black and grey (I remain incredulous about the yellow and seafoam). There’s something simultaneously sexy and classy about a good black patent bag, and in a medium size, it can take you easily from day to night. The polish that patent gives can easily pull an outfit from ‘blah’ to ‘bam!’ and every girl should have one in her accessory arsenal.

The best part of this bag, however, isn’t the material or color – it’s the PRICE. At $385 before any sales or coupon codes, the Yuppie can surely fit into the wardrobe of even a budget fashionista, and it’s yet another bag that proves you don’t have to break the bank to carry something beautiful. $385 via Revolve Clothing. (more…)

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