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I never really went out of my way for messenger bags. They just never did anything special for me. Then, Anna started working with us and began picking out and writing about some fabulous messenger bags. As I read about these bags, I couldn’t help but see a shift in my interest. While I still don’t go completely out of my way, I definitely stop and do a double take from time to time. This Tano Muse Enthused Messenger Bag is one of those messenger bags that grabbed my attention and made me think about it a bit more. (more…)

Tano handbags often surprise me, in a good way. The designs and shapes never quite push any envelopes, however, they are executed exquisitely. This bag is no exception. The Tano Most Memorable Tote is a classic design, but one that can be seen carried by a wide range of age groups. (more…)

Usually leather gimmicks are really not my thing, but we all divert from our traditional taste every now and then. Normally, I like to see the materials that a bag is made of without pretense or clever trickery altering their quality, since I suspect that that is how some designers get away with cutting corners and using mediocre leather.

I kind of like the gimmick that they used on the Tano Leave the Light On Shoulder Bag, though. The shimmery, distressed effect is just cool enough for me to forget my normal handbag rules. (more…)

Tano Return to Roots Crossbody BagWith their newest collection, Tano‘s gone for a slightly utilitarian, aviator’s knapsack feel, using a thick heavy leather that’s quite a departure from their sheens of the past. I, for one, love this departure, and my favorite product so far is the Tano Return to Roots Crossbody Bag.

The leather is worn, used, but in a way that implies a stylistic ruggedness rather than just, well, a dirty nylon bag that’s been worn far too long. No, this leather had a quiet sophistication and certainly contains in it a hardiness well equipped to carry bunches of pens, electronics, books, and any other widgets necessary. (more…)

Tano Up To There HoboAs college football season grows nearer, I can’t help but have my eye caught by anything with a red-and-black color combination that would look good with my University of Georgia game day attire. Functionality and a reasonable price are a must for bags that are going to be taken tailgating, put on stadium floors, and thrown over the backs of bar stools afterward, and the simple, inexpensive Tano Up To There Hobo fits the bill perfectly.

And I imagine that it’d be a great bag even if your school colors aren’t red and black. One of my main problems with Tano as a brand has always been that their leather seemed to always be shiny and thin-looking whenever I saw one of their bags, but this one escapes that problem entirely. The leather looks soft and reasonably thick, which are requirements for me in an everyday bag, and probably mean that the bag will be more durable than some of their other options. When you combine that with the color scheme, I’m having trouble saying no. Buy through Luna Boston for $205.

handbag fund I’d seriously doubt that there is anyone reading this that has not felt some effect of the economic circumstances that most of the world is currently facing. If you don’t know what we’re talking about, then you’ve probably been living in a hut on an island somewhere. If that’s the case, then your tan looks nice and you probably want to turn around and head back before we delve in to the rest of this post. Trust me, you don’t want to know.

Ok, for all of you non-hut-dwellers out there, level with me here. The malls aren’t as crowded, and if you talk to the sales associates for a while, most of them will freely admit that business is down. There are bankruptcy rumors for pretty much every retail business I can think of, and while certainly not all of them are true, some of them probably are. But there are people still buying bags, and maybe different bags than they would have a year ago. Maybe not, though. Everyone internalizes these huge financial issues differently, and ultimately everyone is going to deal with them differently as a result. And consumers aren’t the only ones trying to sort all of this out – brands are too, and so are retailers. So what does all this mean? (more…)

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