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Are you familiar with Tano bags? I know many of you probably are, but I’m betting that a bunch of you might not be. Their popularity has grown quickly and steadily on the Forum, and they seem to be garnering a lot of attention from retail locations as well. They were recently added to Bergdorf Goodman‘s website, and today I saw the Tano Fabulousness Tote.

Tano Fabulousness Tote

As everyone here knows, I’m no fan of brown, but does this not look EXACTLY like wonderful and delicious milk chocolate? And I’m definitely a fan of chocolate (my mom taught me well). I like the shape and it looks like it would be functional, but what really has me drooling is the amazing shade of brown – if more brown bags were like this one, I might not hate on them so hard all over this website. One thing that worries me about the brand in general, though, is the leather. When I’ve seen Tano bags in person, the leather has always seemed like the kind I normally don’t like – thin and shiny. Am I missing something? Did I just not see good examples? If anyone that has one of this brand’s bags could enlighten me in the comments, I’d appreciate it. Buy through Bergdorf for $250.

I am thrilled for a few reasons. First of all, the eBoutique Luna Boston not only carries so many of our Savvy brands, but also carries so many styles of these brands. Next, the online store also carries Tano handbags! I have found myself recently paying more an more attention to Tano bags. Megs covered the Tano Three Fer Small Messenger Bag a little while back and although I liked it, I don’t think I would have gone out of my way to buy it. However, the Tano Carte Blanche Shoulder Bag is a different story. This is a bag I can definitely see myself carrying.

If you are like me, it was a combination of the color and shape that made me yearn for a second look. The emerald velvet-leather and brushed bronze hardware go great together. And although the shape has a classic feel, it is definitely boasts an edgy side. The other plus, would without a doubt have to be the bright orange nylon lining. I absolutely love opening a handbag only to realize what I would like to call a welcomed surprise. When a handbag has great lining, to me it shows that the handbag was well thought out from start to finish, from outside to inside. Oh ya, one more thing, the price – it is oh so reasonable. Buy through Luna Boston for $185.