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Treesje Pleated Stud HoboOh Treesje, you will always have me as a fan! This is one brand that I am always delighted to talk about. In fact, I don’t even have to go scouring websites or stores to find one good bag to talk about – which is a definite plus. Today, I came across the Treesje Pleated Stud Hobo and while I am sure that I’ve seen it before, I found the bag intriguing and worth a bit of discussion.

Pyramid studs and pleats come together to pull the slouchy hobo together. The leather is gorgeous as well as durable. Sometimes I try not to use words like “durable” when describing handbags and the materials used to construct them, but I’ve decided to stop fighting it. The leather is in fact durable and will hold up well no matter what you might put it through. And, I can’t help but mention… the bag is on sale through Nordstrom… for $298!!!!