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There’s no doubt about it: turquoise, teal and any variation thereof are the colors of the season. And really, why shouldn’t they be? Blue-greens look fabulous against colors like white and yellow, which are nearly omnipresent during warmer months. It only fits.

In light of all that, I can’t help but like the Steven by Steve Madden Oversized Quilted Clutch in such a timely hue. I’ve never been overly impressed with the materials or finishes that the line uses, but the clutch is real leather, and the lines are simple and clean enough that it might appeal to those that have already written off the line. (more…)

Steven by Steve Madden Uptown Tribal Bucket HoboI love a soft leather hobo- but it has to be so soft and pliable that when the bag has a slight weight pulling it down the entire bag squishes in and cradles your shoulder in that perfect way. I know you know what I mean.

But for the time being, I’m in a tiny town in the Northeast that I’ll affectionately (because I love this place) dub “Granola Town” because everyone shops at the Co-op and bans big business, letting the cutest shops flourish. That’s why when I saw this Steven by Steve Madden Uptown Tribal Bucket Hobo, I knew it was the best of both worlds. That is, it has that soft leather hobo structure, but in a canvas that’s much more eco-friendly. Plus the tribal geometric print in purple keeps it interesting, while the whipstitched leather trim updates the look from reusable grocery bag to everyday casual chic. It’s got enough fashion for a city girl on a budget, I’d say, but it’s also laid-back enough to satisfy the locals in this town. Buy through Nordstrom for $198.

Steven by Steve Madden Shirred Soft HoboWhenever I think of Steve Madden, I still think of those black wedges with the thick, stretchy strap that were SO popular when I was in middle school. I think everyone had a pair of those elasticized monstrosities, except for me, because my mom thought that they’d be bad for my feet. I have since gotten my revenge on her by refusing to wear anything but flip-flops for the rest of my life.

Anyway, ol’ Steve is trying pretty hard to make sure we forget about those ridiculous shoes of the late ’90s, if the Steven by Steve Madden Shirred Soft Hobo is any indication. It’s got a great, poppy color, an interesting, cut-up construction, and if the name is to be believed, then it should be soft and supple as well. It’s my favorite size and shape and would work great as an everyday bag. Plus, the higher-end “Steven” line still prices their all-leather handbags really well – you can Buy through Nordstrom for $268.

Steven by Steve Madden Medium Pleated Crossbody HoboI’ve never seen a Steven by Steve Madden bag in person, and I was, at best, only vaguely aware that the line existed at all in the handbag marketplace. When I think of Madden, I think invariably of inexpensive, trendy shoes, even though his higher-end Steven line tends to get high marks on Zappos. It’s hard to change the impression of a brand once consumers are familiar with it, but if they keep making things like the Steven by Steve Madden Medium Pleated Crossbody Hobo, they might eventually succeed in changing mine. The color is vibrant and highly reminiscent of some of the bags in Gucci‘s current collection, but at a much more attainable price point, and the gold hardware is incorporated in a sophisticated, highly edited way (some of which, particularly the plating on the handle, is also Gucci-fied). The bag also appears to be wearable in three different ways – as a hobo, a satchel (my preference with this shape), and a messenger (with a strap that can be removed!). It’s vibrant, versatile, and, at less than $200 for a real leather bag, fiscally responsible. I’m impressed, Steve, I’m impressed. Buy through Nordstrom for $198.