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Stella McCartney Round Plexiglass Box Clutch, $1,995 via NAP

As far as Stella McCartney bags go, this plexiglass box clutch is a total curve-ball. Who am I kidding, this clutch is simply odd no matter who it comes from. With only two inches in depth, what exactly can go in here? A 6″ circular plexiglass design is what Stella McCartney wants you to wear when opting for extreme minimalism. And while many of us want to wear a statement piece, we all want our accessories to be functional and I’m not sure this bag will give you proper functionality.

But let’s kick the week off by giving you the chance to tell us what you think. You know what to do, fill in the blank! And if this Stella McCartney bag is for you, buy via Net-A-Porter for an exorbitant $1,995.

Fill in the blank: The Stella McCartney Round Plexiglass Box Clutch is ___________.

With spring knocking at our doors, it is only fitting to see floral patterns and prints reappearing in the fashion world. Stella McCartney gives us a multicolor botanical printed fabric on a white tote. The botanical print is not flowing together, rather separate prints combined (some with white backgrounds, some with landscape backgrounds). Price is $1,434 via Neiman Marcus.

Fill in the blank in the comments below: The Stella McCartney Botantical-Print Tote is _____.

Ok Stella McCartney, I find it completely noble that you choose not to use animal products. I do. And some of your bags are quite lovely. But the prices are exorbitantly high and I simply cannot find myself ever feeling like buying one. Does that mean I would never buy an eco-friendly bag? No. But I feel like Matt & Nat is more of my aesthetic than what Stella McCartney is putting out there.

However, I will say that if you are not keen on actual python skin, you should check out the Stella McCartney Python Print Tote (and tell me what you think below). (more…)

After we posted about the BV Croc Fume bags, the comment flood gates exploded. We truly enjoyed reading every comment. The photos and post got all of you thinking and sharing which means the photo did invoke an emotional response, meaning the photos got their job done. With that in mind, today there will be a post by both Amanda and I with your comments in mind.

I am going to delve into a category that we rarely cover on PurseBlog but will try to cover more, eco-friendly handbags. One of the most well-know eco friendly designers has a famous last name and a line of clothing and handbags that grace red carpets, catwalks, and celebs.

Stella McCartney Chain Faux Leather Bag (more…)

Stella McCartney Cloud Print Shopper I kept getting emails with a ton of hoopla about Stella McCartney having an exclusive line for Net A Porter. Then I saw some of it and it made me wonder what the fuss was about. Stella McCartney is so hit or miss for me and while some of her designs are simple and I love them some are so simple they end up being simpleton and just blah. One of her exclusive designs for NAP is the Stella McCartney Cloud Print Shopper which features the Sir Peter Blake cloud print on this lightly colored canvas shopper.

I need to break down this bag, my likes and dislikes until I can reach a conclusion. I like that it is light and whimsical and I like the clouds. I don’t like that it is light colored which can easily lead to dirt showing and that it looks childish. Also on the cons, the closeup view of this bag shows an odd pattern of the paint on the canvas, which looks gray and dirty. I suppose if I were to have a child this could be a cute beach tote or playground bag, but again having a child means messes and dirt, and this bag would go downhill fast once it shows wear especially since the inside is white. Overall I give this a 4/10 on my generous scale, because it is not heinous but I can’t imagine many people running out to buy this either. Am I off or on? Buy through Net A Porter for $185.

Adidas by Stella McCartney Zutan Gym Bag Do you know the number one New Year’s Resolution? To loose weight/go to the gym/get in shape.

The amount new registrations following the new year at the gym is incredible, yet the amount of people that follow through is slim (no pun intended). And you think I am sitting here, on my couch, typing this because I am the big gym-goer? Nope. I am one of those people that for years now has been swearing to get back into shape and continues to neglect it. It may be because I was once a Division I competitive athlete, or that I am still remembering the 5 am morning practices, or because looking at my left shoulder scars reminds me of the toll my sport took on my body. No matter what, I have an aversion to working out.

This week I am starting to get back into the work out grind. Nothing like I used to, but at least 3 days a week I need to treat my body to something aerobic. The gym does not feel welcoming to me, way too different from what I am used to. But I am open to pilates and yoga classes. I am thinking a new gym bag will be motivation enough to at least go to the classes a few times (though this is merely a lie I tell myself). (more…)

Don’t even ask, because I have absolutely ZERO idea what is going on with this bag. Is it a joke? It is for real? Is it for the kid at school that likes hunting? Is it actually intended for a grown-up? I have no idea and for the life of me I can not see why Stella McCartney paired with LeSportsac to create this thing. Actually it has indeed been quite a while since I deemed a handbag a fug bag, and now here I am baffled and confused and checking this one right into the fug category. I typically like the simplicity of many LeSportsac bags, but then we have this rendition of a handbag, the Stella McCartney for LeSportsac Deer Rucksack. The only cool thing about the bag is that it is designed with recycled polyester, from there it goes incredibly downhill. The dimensions are not really large enough for the bag to fit comfortably on a grown body, 8″W x 14″H x 1″D, so maybe the argument is that it is intended for a child? And even then, would you want your kid to be *that kid with the deer backpack*? I am all for kids defining their own style, but sometimes, you have to put your foot down. This bag is just all kinds of wrong. What do you think Stella and LeSportsac were thinking? Am I missing something? Buy through Nordstrom for $85. Hey, at least it is cheap (both in price and looks).

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