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I’ve already explained how much I love Diane von Furstenberg’s Fall 2011 Handbags, but with the advent of some more detailed stock photos to add to the conversation, I feel like it bears repeating: These bags (and the huge selection of clutches in particular) are genuinely quite good, and at a more reasonable price point than many brands with such a well-known name offer. From embellished box clutches to big everyday bags, DVF has something in a color and texture that could suit nearly anyone’s taste.

And that’s probably what draws me to this line – instead of just a group of nice bags, it feels like a complete accessories wardrobe for the quintessential DVF girl. That takes a good bit of thought and planning on the part of a design team, which usually means that the individual pieces were also carefully considered and created with an aesthetic purpose in mind. But enough about that nonsense, which is probably the type of thing that only fashion writers care about. Most of these bags are really cute. Enough said. (more…)