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Are you ready for the weekend to start, or what? I certainly know I am! After a long week of work and unpacking boxes, it will be nice to sleep in, maybe hit the beach and definitely try and see more of this new city. So you better believe that I am on the look out for some new handbags to tote around in San Diego. One bag that would look great on my arm is the CC Skye Ashley Python Shoulder Bag. Amanda covered this bag in embossed natural snake. I loved it then and I think I might love it more in all black.

CC Skye Ashley Python Shoulder Bag

The gold-tone hardware really pops against the black. The functionality aspect of the bag is something I cannot get over; this is the kind of bag that can be toted all over just about any town. I mean, I don’t think I would sling this over my shoulder as I head to the beach, but I’m pretty sure you get where I am coming from here. The hardware is chunk and noticeable which I really like; it fits this big bag perfectly. Buy through Singer22 for $625.

Ted Rossi Screw HoboI’ve mentioned this phenomenon both here and on PurseBlog Savvy, and I’m surprised that I haven’t seen it written about on many other fashion websites, but the Fall handbag collections are making it obvious: black is back. Big black bags (BBBs), small black bags, any kind of black bags – they’re everywhere and in a variety of looks. Industrial details seem to be the prevailing trend among them, though, and all I can say to that is HALLELUJAH. Black bags with industrial hardware and finishing are among my favorite looks of all time, and there have been so many to choose from in the past week or so that I almost don’t know what to write about next.

But what I’m writing about now is the Ted Rossi Screw Hobo. It’s a clean, simple design, as most of Rossi’s are, but the small details and exceptional materials make it special without need for extra complication. The bag is made entirely of super-soft, matte black lambskin, which means it’s probably the most wonderful and supple thing upon which you or I have ever put our hands. Soft black leather is all it takes to convince me, but they gave us the extra bonus of modern, dark silver oversized screw heads at the base of each handle, which gives the bag an industrial edge without being overpowering or too costume-y. You could wear it to a Nine Inch Nails concert or to the mall with your girlfriends, and a bag that can fit in at two such divergent events is one that I absolutely need in my closet. Plus, for all that lambskin, the price isn’t bad at all. Buy through Singer22 for $948.

Admittedly I am a CC Skye fan; I love her handbags and accessories. Every time I carry one of her bags or wear a couple of her bangles, I get stopped. Since the bags aren’t as mainstream as say, Louis Vuitton, people tend to always ask me where I got my bag. And even better yet, when I do start talking about the bag, I begin talking about the line and how much I adore the designs.

CC Skye Mimi Bag

As new designs begin to emerge, all I find myself saying is “ooooh, I NEED that”. I said that very statement today when I saw the CC Skye Mimi Bag in this new amazing purple color. In typical form, the leather looks down right hug-able. I wasn’t the least bit surprised to see chunky hardware and noticeable stitch detailing. If you don’t like hardware on your handbag noticeable, then this designer might not be the one for you. But, if you are like me and love to have a bag that makes a chic statement, then keep CC Skye on your radar. I’m definitely thinking about pre-ordering this bag ASAP! Snag this through Singer22 for $625.

CC Skye Kensington BagAs the wonderful, fabulous, and always fashionable Tim Gunn would say, the CC Skye Kensington Bag is…a lot of look. And that’s not really a compliment, I’m sorry to say. The whole bag is just…a bit much. First, It’s a north/south tote. Those are particularly tricky to design and a bit prone to looking clunky and awkward, and unfortunately, this looks both clunky and awkward. The leather looks rather stiff and a bit too shiny, and the number of pockets (and how much those pockets stand out from the bag) is, uh, a bit much. There’s a strap over the top to close the bag, two straps to carry it in the crook of you arm, and then another, long strap to carry it as a shoulder or messenger bag.

That’s right, all that stuff in addition to four large front pockets with lots of shiny gold hardware.It’s just…well, like Tim Gunn says, it’s a lot of look. A bit too much look, in my opinion. It’s not ugly, per se, but it just doesn’t look like a good editorial eye was taken to this bag before it was produced, and perhaps one should be used when deciding whether or not to add it to your collection. Buy through Singer22 for $725.