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I know, I know, nobody wants to say goodbye to the Summer. However, that time of the year is coming. Labor Day is right around the corner and that’s when you know, no matter what, the Summer is pretty much over. But, fear not, click this link and Shop Bop will help you say goodbye to Summer and hello to Fall. It’s now time to look forward to fall fashion, cooler days, leaves changing colors and all that fun stuff. In order to start the new season off on the right foot, why not indulge a bit? Check out all of the wonderful deals you can find through Shop Bop!!!

I’m not going to lie, I could look at ShopBop all day. They have endless amounts of absolutely gorgeous…stuff. They have both super-recognizable (Marc by Marc Jacobs) and indie (Vena Cava) designers, and items that are both wardrobe staples and extremely special pieces. And honey, when they have a sale, they HAVE A SALE.

As many on the forum have noted, they’ve recently taken lots of new markdowns, and for someone that doesn’t spend such copious amounts of time on their site as I do, wading through the enormous number of offerings must be kind of overwhelming. Fear not, fair shopper – Amanda is here to break down their best offerings, both handbags and (gasp) other fashionable items.

Marc by Marc Jacobs Cotton Pique Jacket
Marc by Marc Jacobs Cotton Pique Jacket | was $498 now $348
This black cotton jacket is in a classic, wearable shape with absolutely adorable white piping around the collar, pockets, and seams. A great fall jacket (or, for those of us that live in a world with no real winter, a great jacket for the 3 months of the year that you can’t wear flip flops). (more…)

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