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7 For All Mankind Metal Link Link Large ToteFor some reason, I’m in a slightly punk rock mood this morning. I want black leather, dark silver hardware, and something fashionable made out of both. The 7 For All Mankind Metal Link Large Tote fits that bill perfectly – the metal links on the front seams remind me of huge surgical staples, which is something so medical and un-pretty that I kind of love that I’m seeing them on a bag that’s actually quite nice-looking. A lot of the vision behind the punk look is being able to see the beauty in things that aren’t traditionally thought of as beautiful – industrial, non-fashionable things to which the average person doesn’t give a second thought. It’s incorporated in a way that’s still subtle and fashionable here, which makes it possible for a variety of people to wear it. Kudos to SFAM for doing something that’s less obvious than a lot of other brands. If their past few bags have been any indication, I may have to add them to my collection soon. Buy through Shop Bop for $595.