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My days of being slightly frightened by Mr and Miss Marc are over, completely done with. In fact, I can barely remember why I was so creeped out in the first place! Oh, right- because they are kind of creepy. However, they’re extremely cool in an odd Tim Burton sort of way. But I’m over the creepiness. (more…)

See by Chloe Ring Around Crossbody Bag I am not OK with this. This is the opposite of what is acceptable. The See by Chloe Ring Around Crossbody Bag is a pretty complete representation of everything I dislike about bags of this sort. I find the huge strap/tiny bag proportion disconcerting – there’s more strap here than there is bag. A strap is supposed to be a part of a larger whole, not the entire show. I also think the proportions, matched with the shape and structure of the bag, look really sloppy. It’s just a big blob of mustard-colored leather, and there’s nothing about it that’s refined or expensive-looking. I see people wearing hemp and white-person-dreadlocks carrying bags like this at the organic grocery store all the time. It’s not a good look on them, and for over $500, it’s not a good look on you. I promise. And we didn’t even get into the whole awkward-boob-strap issue that crossbody bags create. Just say no, folks. Buy through Nordstrom for $550.